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Quatloos.com is an anti-fraud website maintained by a non-profit corporation, Financial and Tax Fraud Education Associates, Inc. It was founded in 2000 by Jay David Adkisson, an attorney and stockbroker. The site contains examples of advanced fee scams, such as the 419 Scam; information on misleading anti-tax and investment scams (including the sovereign citizen movement); examples of fraudulent documents; and a large number of court decisions. Although light-hearted in tone (its basic structure is a museum with a Hall of Shame at the back) it is a serious resource in the area. It also contains links to various law enforcement agencies that specialize in investigating such scams. It was listed as one of PC Magazines top 100 undiscovered web sites in 2003[1] and has been recommended as a good place to learn about internet scams and related fraud.[2] Forbes selected it as one of its "Best of the Web" sites in 2000.[3]

The term "quatloos" appears in an episode of Star Trek; it was the name of a currency used for betting in the episode "The Gamesters of Triskelion". It was chosen for the site due to the useless nature of the betting in the episode, making it "fictional currency", appropriate for a site that fights fraudulent money scams.[citation needed]


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