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Quattroruote cover febbraio2011.jpg
Categories Automobile magazine
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Editoriale Domus
First issue
  • January 1956 (n. 0)
  • February 1956 (n. 1)
  • November 1987 (Ruoteclassiche vintage division)
  • January-March 1997 (Quattroruotine die-casts division)
  • May 2005 (Dueruote motorbikes division)
Country Italy
Based in Rozzano
Language Italian
Website www.quattroruote.it
ISSN 0033-5916

Quattroruote (English: Four Wheels) is an Italian automobile magazine established by the Marchigian entrepreneur Gianni Mazzocchi in February 1956. Among its regular features it includes information on used car prices.

History and profile[edit]

Quattroruote was established by Gianni Mazzocchi in 1956.[1][2] The publisher of the magazine is Editoriale Domus.[1][2] Its head office is in Rozzano (Milan Province), where the historical museum of the magazine is located. The magazine is published monthly and offers news on road and track tests, price lists for new cars as well as quotations for used vehicles.[2]

The magazine is also published in various countries, including China and Russia which was launched in 2006.[1]

Quattroruote had a circulation of 596,742 copies between September 1993 and August 1994.[3] The circulation of the magazine was 464,000 copies in 2004.[4] It was the second best-selling automobile magazine in Italy in 2007[5] with a circulation of 425,539 copies.[6] The magazine had a circulation of 354,735 copies in 2010, making it the twelfth best-selling European automobile magazine.[7]

The Automotive Safety Centre[edit]

The test-track belonging to the magazine is located in Vairano di Vidigulfo (Pavia Province). The Automotive Safety Centre, opened in 1995, is 4500 m long, with an 1800 m main straight, where acceleration tests are carried out. During these tests it is possible to reach 300 km/h. The race track has been approved by FIA for Formula One tests.[8]

The handling track[edit]

The handling track, connected to the speed test area and used for handling test of vehicles, has bends and chicanes of different radii where oversteer and understeer of vehicles can be examined.

SUV test area[edit]

The SUV test area is next to the ASC straight section, where off-road vehicle driving and overturning characteristics are established.

Safe drive[edit]

Quattroruote organizes safe driving courses on an area of about 17000 m² where students, followed by expert instructors, are taught driving techniques on wet or dry surfaces, handling and stopping.

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