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The Qubain Family (also known as: Qubein, Cobain, Cobein, Kubein and Kobein. Arabic: قبعين ) are a wealthy Christian family of Palestinian[1] and Jordanian descnet. The family owns businesses and establishments throughout the region and is involved in the furniture, financial, medical and engineering service industries.


The name Qubain originates from the Arabic word quba-atain, ( Arabic: قُبعَـتين ) meaning two head-covers. This association was given to the shepherd Hanna Nassar, who originated from the city of Salt. The story of the shepherd says,

One day Hanna was out herding his cattle in the mountains of Ajloun when the rain started to pour heavily. To shelter from the rain, Hanna made a cover from two sacks and sought shelter in the nearby village of Anjara. The village dwellers, not knowing his name, acknowledged him as “Abu Quba’ain” ( Arabic: أبوقبعين) which translates to "the man with two hats."

Hanna went on to have three sons in his new hometown of Anjara. In the early 1800's, the family then migrated to Nazareth. The eldest son, Ibrahim, later moved back to Anjara where he settled. Eid, the youngest son, moved back to his father's original hometown of Salt. Khalil, the middle son, remained in Nazareth for the duration of his life. The Qubain descendants originate solely from these three brothers.

The Qubain's were one of the first Christian families to live in Salt.[citation needed]


  • Salim was the founder of Al’akhaa’ (translates to Friendship) cultural magazine in 1924 in Cairo.
  • Najeeb was the first Arabic Archbishop in 1952 to the Anglican Church of England in the Levant region.
  • Shurki was the first University-educated architect in Jordan and co-founded the Jordan Engineering Union in 1953.[citation needed]
  • Adel Najib donated funds to help build St. Mary of Nazareth Catholic Church in 1984.

Qubain Foundation[edit]

In 1992, while attending the funeral of Issa Jeries, the elders of the family decided to establish a foundation that pools annual fees from the working men resident in Jordan.[citation needed] The foundation was to allocate funds to family funeral needs. The foundation grew to be a social event organization and digital documentary advocates for the family.[citation needed]

In 2011, the active leaders of the foundation were identified as Makram Adel, Fadel Jubrae'l Qubain, Samer Fuad and Basil Qubain.

Hope Fund[edit]

Fahim Issa Qubain and his wife Nancy founded the Hope Fund in 2000 with Geraldine after reading an article by her in The Washington Post. The Hope Fund provides scholarships to allow Palestinian students in need to attend US colleges.[2][3]




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