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QubeTV is a politically conservative alternative to YouTube.[1] The site was founded by former Ronald Reagan aides Charlie Gerow and Jeff Lord as a response to what is perceived to be a liberal bias on the part of YouTube. Cited among other claims of the liberal bias of YouTube is the censorship of a video by conservative[citation needed] personality Michelle Malkin about US immigration which was taken down by YouTube administrators.[2] The Malkin video now has a prominent position on the frontpage of QubeTV and is described as "Banned by YouTube".[3] The site has been compared to Conservapedia, a Christian conservative alternative to Wikipedia because, among other reasons, they both criticize a perceived bias and counter it with an explicit bias.[citation needed]

Comedian Lewis Black has discussed QubeTV during one of his appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In particular, he has pointed out that a large number of the videos on the website are in fact links to YouTube, stating that "the conservative alternative to YouTube is YouTube."[citation needed]

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