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Qubed xbox cover.jpg
Developer(s) Q Entertainment
Publisher(s) United Game Artists
Designer(s) Tetsuya Mizuguchi
Platform(s) Xbox 360
  • NA: September 15, 2009
  • EU: September 18, 2009
Genre(s) Rail shooter, Puzzle game

Qubed is a video game compilation for the Xbox 360 console composed of music-based games developed by Q Entertainment, previously available for individual purchase on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The included games are Rez HD, Lumines Live!, and Every Extend Extra Extreme.

Rez HD[edit]

Main article: Rez

Rez HD is a rail shooter in which the player shoots at upcoming obstacles and enemies by dragging a targeting reticle over them in groups of up to eight, and then releases a stream of laserlike projectiles that automatically track to previously targeted objects. Every action in the game has an accompanying musical queue, which combine rhythmically with the overlying music track.

Lumines Live![edit]

Main article: Lumines

Lumines Live! is a puzzle game in which players arrange falling blocks into larger areas of like-colored blocks. A bar sweeps the playing field at the pace of the current song (which changes frequently in certain modes), completing one sweep with every measure of the song. Combined blocks are cleared out as the bar passes over them.

Every Extend Extra Extreme[edit]

Every Extend Extra Extreme (or "E4") is also a timing-based puzzle game, the object of which is to set off detonations at an optimum time to destroy the most targets, which move in the gameplay area in rhythm with the accompanying soundtrack.