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QUE or que may refer to:

  • Quebec (Que.), as the traditional abbreviation, though the postal abbreviations are now QC and previously PQ
  • Que Publishing, a company which first began as a publisher of technical computer software and hardware support books
  • Garmin iQue, a line of products combining PDA devices with integrated GPS receivers
  • Trademark of Plastic Logic for an electronic reading device
  • Que (tower), a freestanding gate tower characteristic of the tomb architectural ensembles during China's Han Dynasty
  • Qué!, a Spanish newspaper
  • Quwê, an Assyrian vassal state or province at various times from the 9th century BC to shortly after the death of Ashurbanipal around 627 BCE in the lowlands of eastern Cilicia
  • An informal term for a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity, a historically African American Greek-letter fraternity
  • London Underground station code for Queensway tube station

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