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The following is a list and description of Quebec autoroutes that were intended to be built but, for one reason or another, never were.

Quebec Autoroute 6[edit]

Quebec Autoroute 6.svg

During the 1960s and 1970s, Autoroute 6 was planned to run from Autoroute 15 in La Prairie to Farnham, also intersecting Autoroute 30 and Autoroute 35. It would have paralleled Route 104.[1][2]

Quebec Autoroute 13[edit]

Quebec Autoroute 13.svg

Portion only: The Autoroute 13 was designed to proceed all the way to then new Montreal/Mirabel airport; the section north of Autoroute 640 to the airport was never built. It is unclear whether the highway was to pass underneath the airport or to connect with Autoroute 50 west of the airport.

Quebec Autoroute 15[edit]

Quebec Autoroute 15.svg

Portion only: There was a fully costed proposal to bypass the common section of Autoroute 15, Autoroute 40 (known as the Met between the two fifteens) by diverging south of the Henri-Bourassa/Sauve exit to connect directly from the North into the Decarie interchange. It's unclear why this was cancelled.

Quebec Autoroute 16[edit]

Quebec Autoroute 16.svg

Quebec Autoroute 18[edit]

Quebec Autoroute 18.svg

Autoroute 18 was proposed in the 1970s to connect Autoroute 65 (also unbuilt) and Autoroute 55, south-east of Victoriaville.[3]

Quebec Autoroute 20[edit]

Quebec Autoroute 20.svg

Portions only: Autoroute 20 has two unbuilt sections, one bypassing Dorion, QC and another the continuation of the present Autoroute 720 towards joining Autoroute 25 north of the tunnel. The proposed alignment of the Dorion, QC bypass would have left the current route at Boul. Don Guichotte, Crossed the Ottawa River at the Hydro transmission wire crossing and joined the proposed Autoroute 20 at the then proposed A 20-540 interchange. The current plans are to move the proposed highway slightly north between the eastern bridge entrance to the town of Dorion and the last junction at Boul. Harwood (Route 342). The section east of the current Ville-Marie tunnel was supposed to be designated Autoroute 20 but will be redesignated to Route 136 once the urban boulevard east of the current freeway is completed. The highway is currently routed from the Turcot interchange along Autoroute 15, over the Champlain Bridge and then east on Route 132 along the Seaway towards Autoroute 25 at the southern end of the tunnel.

Quebec Autoroute 35[edit]

Quebec Autoroute 35.svg

Portions only: Autoroute 35 continues not to be completed. When the highway was first built in the sixties it ended in the town of Iberville, on the east bank of the Richelieu river at the current roundabout at the northern end of Route 133 intersection rue Lefort in Iberville. Back around 2009 it was announced that the Autoroute would be completed by 2017. The process involved 4 phases with the first two completed in 2014. The Autoroute is now extended from the previous termination point in Iberville to the east-west portion of Route 133 at St-Sebastien as Route 133 works its way around lake Champlain. The last two phases involves continuing the highway southeast of the current termination point to the intersection Avenue Champlain and Route 133 north of the village of Phillipsburg addition of an interchange on Route 133 at Phillipsburg and overlaying the Autoroute on the current divided highway portion of Route 133 to Interstate 89 at the Vermont border. There is no timeline for these phases currently.

Quebec Autoroute 65[edit]

Quebec Autoroute 65.svg

Autoroute 65 was planned in the 1970s, and would have linked Thetford Mines to Autoroute 20 at Villeroy.[4]

Quebec Autoroute 415[edit]

Quebec Autoroute 415.svg

"Autoroute 415" has been suggested as the number of a planned autoroute in Montreal. This road was proposed in 1960, and would have connected Autoroute 15 (the Décarie Expressway) at Monkland Avenue to Autoroute 19 at Rachel Street (on a connection between the present Autoroute 19 and the Jacques Cartier Bridge that was never built).[5]

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