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The following is a list and description of Quebec autoroutes that were intended to be built but, for one reason or another, never were.

Quebec Autoroute 6[edit]

Quebec Autoroute 6.svg

During the 1960s and 1970s, Autoroute 6 was planned to run from Autoroute 15 in La Prairie to Farnham, also intersecting Autoroute 30 and Autoroute 35. It would have paralleled Route 104.[1][2]

Quebec Autoroute 16[edit]

Quebec Autoroute 16.svg

Quebec Autoroute 18[edit]

Quebec Autoroute 18.svg

Autoroute 18 was proposed in the 1970s to connect Autoroute 65 (also unbuilt) and Autoroute 55, south-east of Victoriaville.[3]

Quebec Autoroute 65[edit]

Quebec Autoroute 65.svg

Autoroute 65 was planned in the 1970s, and would have linked Thetford Mines to Autoroute 20 at Villeroy.[4]

Quebec Autoroute 415[edit]

Quebec Autoroute 415.svg

"Autoroute 415" has been suggested as the number of a planned autoroute in Montreal. This road was proposed in 1960, and would have connected Autoroute 15 (the Décarie Expressway) at Monkland Avenue to Autoroute 19 at Rachel Street (on a connection between the present Autoroute 19 and the Jacques Cartier Bridge that was never built).[5]

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