Quebec Bank

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Quebec Bank
Industry Banking
Fate Absorbed
Successor Royal Bank of Canada
Founded 1822 (1822)
Defunct 1917 (1917)
Headquarters Quebec, Canada
Key people
John William Woolsey (first president)

Quebec Bank was founded on June 9, 1818 [1] to meet a perceived need by some merchants and residents Quebec City. They wanted an alternative to the newly founded Bank of Montreal which they felt was inadequate for the needs of the province.

The bank was incorporated in 1822 in Quebec City and made good progress until the great revulsion of 1826-7. The first president was John William Woolsey. Robert Henry Bethune was part of the banks organization from 1864 -1870 during a time when Quebec Bank was changing the way Canadian banks lent money. The bank was predominantly in Quebec and to a lesser extent in Ontario with a few branches in western Canada when it was absorbed by the Royal Bank of Canada in 1917.[2]

A small reminder of the banks existence is the Quebec Bank Building in Montreal with its name carved over the entrance.

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