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Quebec Dynamo ARSQ
Founded 2008
Stadium Collège François-Xavier-Garneau
Quebec City, Quebec
Chairman Denis Poulin
Manager Marc Mounicot
League USL W-League
2015 2nd, Northeastern
Playoffs: League Semifinals

Quebec Dynamo ARSQ is a Canadian soccer club, founded in 2008 in the province of Québec. The women’s team is a member of the United Soccer Leagues W-League, the second tier of women’s soccer in the United States and Canada. The team debuted in the Great Lakes Division of the Central Conference against teams from Hamilton, Laval, London, Ottawa, Rochester and Toronto.

The team's colours are black and white. Quebec Dynamo ARSQ play the home games at the Collège François-Xavier-Garneau stadium in Quebec City.


Quebec Dynamo ARSQ is founded in 2008 by four promoters: Samir Ghrib, David Desloges, Stéphane Alain and Maxime Barabé.[1] The presentation of team's colors shirts and the nomination of a general manager takes place on September 24, 2009.[2] The new team is consist a non-profit organization from the Association Régionale de Soccer de Québec (ARSQ).[3] The team created to ensure the development of regional soccer in the Quebec city and Chaudière-Appalaches region.[4]

Name change[edit]

The original name for the franchise was the Arsenal SC, however, lawyers representing the English club Arsenal F.C. demanded that the team change its name, because they hold exclusive rights for that trademark in Canada. [5] Starting with the 2014 W-League season, the team name was changed from Quebec City Amiral SC to Quebec Dynamo ARSQ.


Quebec Dynamo ARSQ have a big rivalry with the Laval Comets.[6][7] Several former players of Comets play now for the Dynamo.[8][9] In matches between the two teams, it is not uncommon for supporters to travel Quebec city-Montreal or Montreal-Quebec city to go to encourage their teams.


Year League Division Regular Season Playoffs
2009 USL W-League Great Lakes Division 3rd [10][11] Did not qualify [12]
2010 USL W-League Great Lakes Division 4th [13] no participation to playoff [14]
2011 USL W-League Great Lakes Division 3rd[15] lost the Central Conference Championship
2012 USL W-League Great Lakes Division 2nd[15] Win Central Conference playoffs and finish 4th at W-League Final Four
2013 USL W-League Central Conference 5th[15] Did not qualify
2014 USL W-League Central Conference 5th[15] Did not qualify
2015 USL W-League Northeastern Conference 2nd[15] Loses in W-League Final Four


Squad 2011[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Canada GK Sarah Boucher [16]
3 Canada DF Mélissa Roy
5 Canada MF Laura Chénard [17]
7 Canada MF Andréanne Gagné [18][19]
8 Canada DF Myriam Bouchard [20][21]
9 Canada FW Léa Chastenay-Joseph
10 Canada MF Geneviève Caron
11 Canada DF Stéphanie Frenette-Blais
12 Canada FW Mélissa Lesage
14 Canada FW Josée Bélanger [22][23]
No. Position Player
15 Canada DF Arianne Leclerc
16 Haiti FW Manoucheka Pierre-Louis [24]
17 Haiti MF Adéline Saintilmond [25]
19 Canada DF Frédérique Paradis
20 Canada FW Véronique Laverdière [26][27]
22 Canada GK Marie-Pier Bilodeau
23 Canada MF Joelle Gosselin
24 Canada FW Geneviève Marcotte
25 Canada DF Cristina Di Ieslsi


Staff 2013[edit]

  • Owner: Denis Poulin
  • General Manager: Jean-Pascal Ladroue
  • Operations director: Jean-Philippe Provost
  • Head Coach: Samir Ghrib [29][30]
  • Assistant Coach: Guillaume Couillard
  • Assistant Coach (Goalkeepers):
  • Equipment manager: Jean-Guy Roy
  • Team Physician: Dr. Sylvain Boutet
  • Team Physician: Dr. Sylvain Lachance
  • Physical therapist: Maxime Sanou
  • Physiotherapist: Andrée-Anne Ferron
  • Physiotherapist: Patrice Pépin
  • Student-Physiotherapist: Laurie Thiboutot

Former head coach[edit]

Former assistant coach[edit]

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