Quebec City Marathon

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Quebec City Marathon
Quebec city.jpg
The SSQ Quebec City Marathon runs along both the
northern and southern shores of the St. Lawrence River
LocationLévisQuebec City, Quebec, Canada.
Event typeRoad
Primary sponsorSSQ
Course recordsMen:
Kenya Joseph Ngunjiri 2:23:06
Canada Veronique Vandersmissen 2:39:03
Official siteQuebec City Marathon
Quebec City Marathon in 2013.

The SSQ Quebec City Marathon (French: Marathon SSQ Lévis-Québec), is an annual point-to-point Boston Marathon qualifying marathon (42.195 km/26.219 mi) race between Lévis and Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.[1] It has been held in August every year since 1998 and currently can reach up to 12,700 participants in all of the events combined. Along with the full marathon, a half marathon, a 10 km, a 5 km and children's events are arranged as well.[2]

The course distinguishes itself from other races in that kilometer markers are posted in reverse order, indicating the remaining distance to the finish line. Among other things, this allows all events to start at the same time and on the same course, from the appropriate distance away from the finish line.

The race is part of a series of races that go on around Quebec City each year called "Run Quebec City", with the SSQ Quebec City Marathon being the most well known event. Other events in the series include the Oasis International Half Marathon each May, the Quebec City Staircase Challenge, including many staircases on a 19 km or 13.5 km course, each June, the Descente Royale (which was postponed in 2013), the Bataille des Plainesa, a 5 km, 10 km and children's race, each June, and the Desjardins Ladies Challenge, a 5 km, 10 km and children's race, each July.[3]


The race also features a spectacular event two days before the actual marathon race known as the SSQ Star Race. The race is giant loop which participants may run as many times as they wish within the hour and a half available. The race begins at night, usually around 8pm, and for the first hour and fifteen minutes a musical show will be put on around the course, which is well lit up by many multi-colored lights, including the LED caps given to each participant. After and hour and thirty-five minutes, just five minutes after the participants finish running, a firework show begins to light up the night sky.[4]

The race is often known for its flashy well-designed medals, given to participants in each event, including the SSQ Star Race and Kids Run.[5][6]

The top three placers in the marathon, half marathon, 10 km, 5 km, and kids run, are also given prize money ranging from $5000 for first in the full marathon, to $50 for the winner of the kids run.[7]

Course records[edit]


1999 Miguel Sanchez Canada Canada 2:29:54.8
2000 Joseph Maina Kenya Kenya 2:26:49.3
2001 Joseph Maina Kenya Kenya 2:23:05.5
2002 Jorge Becerril Mexico Mexico 2:34:56.5
2003 Shingie Badza Canada Canada 2:33:04.8
2004 Moses Chesgrek Kenya Kenya 2:28:34.9
2005 Richard Tessier Canada Canada 2:29:40.7
2006 Fethi Oukid Canada Canada 2:30:31.8
2007 Amor Dehbi Canada Canada 2:24:07.4
2008 Michael Njordge Canada Canada 2:23:46.5
2009 David Savard-Gagnon Canada Canada 2:27:08.8
2010 Louis-Philippe Garnier Canada Canada 2:39:29.9
2012 Thomas Omwenga Canada Canada 2:28:36.9
2013 Evans Maiko Canada Canada 2:26:28.9
2014 Evans Maiko Canada Canada 2:36:46.0
2015 Christopher Zablocki Canada Canada 2:25:34.1



1999 Veronique Vandersmissen Canada Canada 2:39:02.1


Past winners[edit]

Key:   Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 1998  Mario Cormier (CAN) 2:27:30  Veronique Vandersmissen (CAN) 2:44:52
2nd 1999  Miguel Sanchez (CAN) 2:29:55  Veronique Vandersmissen (CAN) 2:39:03
3rd 2000  Joseph Ngunjiri (KEN) 2:26:50  Louise Voghel (CAN) 2:57:00
4th 2001  Joseph Ngunjiri (KEN) 2:23:06  Veronique Vandersmissen (CAN) 2:43:16
5th 2002  Jean-Paul Niyonsaba (BDI) 2:25:57  Lourdes Cruz (PUR) 2:56:54
6th 2003  Shingirai Badza (ZIM) 2:33:05  Barbara McManus (USA) 2:51:51
7th 2004  Moses Cheserek (KEN) 2:28:34  Louise Voghel (CAN) 3:02:50
8th 2005  Richard Tessier (CAN) 2:29:40  Nathalie Goyer (CAN) 2:59:07
9th 2006  Fethi Oukid (ALG) 2:30:31  Nathalie Goyer (CAN) 3:01:13
10th 2007  Amor Dehbi (ALG) 2:24:07  Nathalie Goyer (CAN) 2:55:38
11th 2008  Michael Njoroge (KEN) 2:23:46  Suzanne Munger (CAN) 3:10:07
12th 2009  David Savard-Gagnon (CAN) 2:27:08  Andrée Paquet (CAN) 2:55:02
13th 2010  Louis-Philippe Garnier (CAN) 2:39:29  Nathalie Goyer (CAN) 2:57:42
2011 Did not held
14th 2012  Thomas Omwenga (KEN) 2:28:36  Anne Jelagat (KEN) 2:53:40
15th 2013  Evans Momanyi (KEN) 2:26:28  Maryse Nault (CAN) 2:54:48
16th 2014  Evans Momanyi (KEN) 2:36:46  Joanne Normand (CAN) 3:06:34
17th 2015  Christopher Zablocki (USA) 2:25:36  Joanne Normand (CAN) 3:02:00
18th 2016  Ebisa Merga (ETH) 2:30:42  Andrée Paquet (CAN) 2:50:49
19th 2017  Dadi Tesfaye (ETH) 2:23:14  Lydia Orozco (ESP) 2:52:49
20th 2018  Mohamed Aagab (MAR) 2:28:30  Caroline Poitras (CAN) 2:55:50

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