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Route 298 shield

Route 298
Route information
Length: 40 km[1] (25 mi)
Major junctions
West end: Route 132 in Sainte-Luce
  A-20 in Sainte-Luce
Route 234 in Saint-Gabriel-de-Rimouski
East end: Rue Pineault in Saint-Charles-Garnier
Major cities: Sainte-Luce
Highway system

Quebec provincial highways

Route 297 Route 299

Route 298 is 40 km two-lane north/south highway in Quebec, Canada, which starts in Sainte-Luce at the junction of Route 132 and ends in Saint-Charles-Garnier. Provincial highways with even numbers usually follow the Saint Lawrence River in a somewhat east/west direction, but Route 298 is a north/south highway in almost all of its length.

Municipalities along Route 298[edit]

Route 298 at Luceville

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