1976 Quebec general election

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1976 Quebec general election

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110 seats in the 31st National Assembly of Quebec
56 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  René Lévesque BAnQ P243S1D865.jpg Robert-Bourassa.jpg UN
Leader René Lévesque Robert Bourassa Rodrigue Biron
Party Parti Québécois Liberal Union Nationale
Leader since October 14, 1968 January 17, 1970 May 22, 1976
Leader's seat Taillon Mercier (lost re-election) Lotbinière
Last election 6 seats, 30.22% 102 seats, 54.65% 0 seats, 4.92%
Seats won 71 26 11
Seat change Increase65 Decrease76 Increase11
Popular vote 1,390,351 1,135,056 611,666
Percentage 41.37% 33.78% 18.20%
Swing Increase11.15% Decrease20.87% Increase13.28%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Camil Samson Jérôme Choquette
Party Ralliement créditiste Parti national populaire
Leader since May 11, 1975 October 24, 1976
Leader's seat Rouyn-Noranda Outremont (lost re-election)
Last election 2 seats, 9.92% pre-creation
Seats won 1 1
Seat change Decrease1 Increase1
Popular vote 155,451 31,043
Percentage 4.63% 0.92%
Swing Decrease5.29% Increase0.92%

Premier before election

Robert Bourassa
Quebec Liberal Party

Premier after election

René Lévesque
Parti Québécois

The 1976 Quebec general election was held on November 15, 1976 to elect members to National Assembly of the Province of Quebec, Canada. It was one of the most significant elections in Quebec history, rivalled only by the 1960 general election, and caused major repercussions in the rest of Canada. The Parti Québécois, led by René Lévesque, defeated the incumbent Quebec Liberal Party, led by Premier Robert Bourassa.

The Parti Québécois's campaign focused on providing good government, in contrast the many scandals that had plagued the Liberals since 1973, The PQ's stated goal of achieving independence for Quebec from Canada was portrayed as only secondary, but the election of a sovereigntist government in Quebec caused great upset in the rest of Canada and led to extensive discussions about reforming the Canadian Confederation and finding ways of accommodating Quebec.

The Parti Québécois used its term in office to introduce numerous bills to implement its agenda. The first bill introduced in the new session of the National Assembly was legislation to confirm French as the sole official language of Quebec, and to implement measures to make this a social reality. The legislative number of this bill, "Bill One," was intended to signify the importance of the bill for the new government. The bill was withdrawn and significantly altered, however, and was eventually re-introduced as "Bill 101" (or la Loi 101 in French), also known as the Charter of the French Language. With some modifications, the Charter of the French Language remains in effect today and has shaped modern Quebec society in far-reaching ways.

The 1976 election also set the stage for the 1980 Quebec referendum on the PQ's proposal for political independence in an economic union with the rest of Canada called sovereignty-association. The proposal was soundly defeated in the referendum.

Bourassa had called the election after only three years, well before the maximum possible term of five years. It is possible that he may have counted on a boost from his successful rescue of the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal after cost overruns and construction delays by the Montreal municipal government of Mayor Jean Drapeau. If so, he badly miscalculated. He not only lost the election, but was resoundingly defeated in his own riding by a PQ challenger. Bourassa resigned as Liberal leader, and his political career appeared to be over. He left Quebec and took up teaching positions in the United States and Europe. However, he later made a remarkable comeback in the 1985 general election.

The once-powerful Union Nationale made a modest comeback after being evicted from the legislature three years earlier. It won 11 seats under Rodrigue Biron and, for the first time, won significant support from some anglophone voters. An anglophone UN member, William Shaw was elected to the National Assembly. However, this proved to be the party's last hurrah. Successive floor-crossings, retirements, and resignations reduced the UN to only five members during the term. The party lost all of those remaining seats five years later, never to return; it would continue to exist nominally until 1989.


The overall results were:[1]

Party Party leader # of
Seats Popular vote
1973 Elected % Change # % % Change
Parti Québécois René Lévesque 110 6 71 +1083% 1,390,351 41.37% +11.15%
Liberal Robert Bourassa 110 102 26 -74.5% 1,135,056 33.78% -20.87%
Union Nationale Rodrigue Biron 108 - 11   611,666 18.20% +13.28%
  Ralliement créditiste Camil Samson 109 2 1 -50.0% 155,451 4.63% -5.29%
Parti national populaire Jérôme Choquette 36 * 1 * 31,043 0.92% *
  Democratic Alliance Nick Auf der Maur 13 * - * 17,762 0.53% *
  NDP - RMS coalition Henri-François Gautrin 21 * - * 3,080 0.09% *
Communist Sam Walsh 14 * - * 1,776 0.05% *
Workers 12 * - * 1,249 0.04% *
  Independents and no affiliation 23 - - - 13,072 0.39%
Total 556 110 110 - 3,360,506 100%  


* Party did not nominate candidates in the previous election.

Popular vote
Seats summary

Individual ridings[edit]

The results in each riding (electoral division) were:[2]

Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine and Bas-Saint-Laurent[edit]

Electoral district Candidates Incumbent
PQ Liberal UN Ralliement créditiste PNP Other
Bonaventure Jean-Paul Audet
Gérard D. Levesque
Louis-Georges Roy
Mariette Fortin
Gérard D. Levesque
Gaspé Jules Bélanger
Guy Fortier
Michel Le Moignan
Mario Gagnon
Guy Fortier
Îles-de-la-Madeleine Denise Leblanc Louis-Philippe Lacroix Paul-Henri Tremblay Jean Cotten Louis-Philippe Lacroix
Kamouraska-Témiscouata Léonard Lévesque Jean-Marie Pelletier Raynald Pelletier Claude Dionne Jean-Marie Pelletier
Matane Yves Bérubé Marc-Yvan Côté Joseph-Marie Lévesque Roger Simard Léonard Boulay Marc-Yvan Côté
Matapédia Léopold Marquis Bona Arsenault Gérard Bélanger Gérard Gagnon Bona Arsenault
Rimouski Alain Marcoux Claude St-Hilaire Raynald Voyer Alain Martel Yvar Tronstad (Ind) Claude St-Hilaire
Rivière-du-Loup Jules Boucher Paul Lafrance Réal Grondin Gérard Roy Paul Lafrance

Côte-Nord and Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean[edit]

Electoral district Candidates Incumbent
PQ Liberal UN Ralliement créditiste Other
Chicoutimi Marc-André Bédard Roch Bergeron Léopold Decoste Richard Nareau Marc-André Bédard
Dubuc Hubert Desbiens Ghislain Harvey Julien Gauvin Antonio Brisson Ghislain Harvey
Duplessis Denis Perron Henri-Paul Boudreau Roland Gauthier Jacques-A. Quirion Zebedee Nungak (No designation) Donald Gallienne
Jonquière Claude Vaillancourt Gérald Harvey Roselda Duguay Brassard Serge Racine Gérald Harvey
Lac-Saint-Jean Jacques Brassard Roger Pilote Charles-Henri Larouche Maurice Brodeur Roger Pilote
Roberval Paul Néron Robert Lamontagne Antonio Genest Émilien Fradet Robert Lamontagne
Saguenay Lucien Lessard Jean-Guy Tremblay Réal St-Laurent Camille Hélie Lucien Lessard


Electoral district Candidates Incumbent
PQ Liberal UN Ralliement créditiste PNP Other
Charlesbourg Denis de Belleval André Harvey Henriot Gingras Sandor Tarçali Carmen Payne Lafleur André Harvey
Charlevoix Gérard Drouin Raymond Mailloux Gaston Dion Angelo Emond Raymond Mailloux
Chauveau Louis O'Neill Bernard Lachapelle Madeleine Parent Barrette Mathieu Tremblay Bernard Lachapelle
Jean-Talon Louise Beaudoin Raymond Garneau Charles Boucher Vilmont Rodrigue Raymond Garneau
Limoilou Raymond Gravel Fernand Houde Maurice Trottier J.-Noël Gravel Louisette Ouzilleau Dulac Julien Bilodeau (PCQ)
Manon Demers (No designation)
Fernand Houde
Louis-Hébert Claude Morin Jean Marchand Raymond Cantin Jean-Paul Rhéaume Gaston Desjardins
Montmorency Clément Richard Marcel Bédard Denise Deslauriers L.-P.-Antoine Bélanger Marcel Bédard
Portneuf Gilles Naud Michel Pagé Antoine-B. Dussault Roland Godin Pierre Castonguay Michel Pagé
Taschereau Richard Guay Irénée Bonnier Marcel Drouin Simon Brouard Jean-Marc Lemoine Lorraine Morin (PTQ) Irénée Bonnier
Vanier Jean-François Bertrand Fernand Dufour Jean-Yves Lachance Alexandre Bertrand Fernand Dufour


Electoral district Candidates Incumbent
PQ Liberal UN Ralliement créditiste PNP Other
Champlain Marcel Gagnon Normand Toupin Gilles Gauthier Robert Fournier Normand Toupin
Laviolette Jean-Pierre Jolivet Prudent Carpentier Gaston Fortin Michel Mignault Réjean Gélinas Robert Deschamps (NPD-RMS) Prudent Carpentier
Maskinongé Jacques Charette Yvon Picotte Serge Gagnon J.-Rodolphe Lemieux Yvon Picotte
Saint-Maurice Yves Duhaime Marcel Bérard Robert Leclerc Roger Bélisle Pierre-Paul Prud'homme Marcel Bérard
Trois-Rivières Denis Vaugeois Guy Bacon Jacques Trahan Gaétan Laflèche Guy Bacon

Chaudière-Appalaches and Centre-du-Québec[edit]

Electoral district Candidates Incumbent
PQ Liberal UN Ralliement créditiste PNP Other
Arthabaska Jacques Baril Denis St-Pierre Constant Roy Rosaire Rainville vacant
Beauce-Nord Adrien Ouellette Denis Sylvain Gérard Gourde Magella Brouard Robert Trudel Denis Sylvain
Beauce-Sud Pierre Pelletier Guy Lebel Fabien Roy Fabien Roy
Bellechasse Jean-Roch Côté Pierre Mercier Bertrand Goulet Sauveur Fradette Pierre-E. Plante Pierre Mercier
Drummond Michel Clair Paul Delisle Roger Blais André Bergeron Armand Joyal Robert Malouin
Frontenac Gilles Grégoire Henri Lecours Marc Bergeron Fernand Godin Henri Lecours
Johnson Robert Normand Marcel Noël Maurice Bellemare Jules Degready Maurice Bellemare
Lévis Jean Garon Vincent-F. Chagnon Cyrille Dubé Gilles Campagna Vincent-F. Chagnon
Lotbinière Ghyslain Théberge Georges Massicotte Rodrigue Biron Gaston Judd Georges Massicotte
Montmagny-L'Islet Maurice Chouinard Julien Giasson André Rousseau Clermont Avoine Julien Giasson
Nicolet-Yamaska Jean-Paul Touchette Benjamin Faucher Serge Fontaine Gilbert Boisvert Benjamin Faucher


Electoral district Candidates Incumbent
PQ Liberal UN Ralliement créditiste PNP Other
Mégantic-Compton Serge Poulin Omer Dionne Fernand Grenier Robert Leroux Omer Dionne
Orford Laurent Bertrand Georges Vaillancourt Kevin J. Danaher Alexandre Basque René Lavallée Georges Vaillancourt
Richmond Maurice Tremblay Yvon Vallières Yvon Brochu Serge Lepage Yvon Vallières
Saint-François Réal Rancourt Gérard Déziel Michel Laflamme Adélard Larose Gérard Déziel
Sherbrooke Gérard Gosselin Jean-Paul Pépin Guy Bureau Rosario Lehoux Jacques Boutin (Ind)
Robert Tremblay (No designation)
Jean-Paul Pépin


Electoral district Candidates Incumbent
PQ Liberal UN Ralliement créditiste PNP Other
Beauharnois Laurent Lavigne
Jean-H. Besner
Jacques Cardinal
Monique Groulx Lalonde
Gérard Cadieux
Brome-Missisquoi Gérard Comptois Glendon Brown Armand Russell Normand Chouinard Jean-Gilles Chagnon Foster Wightman (Ind)
Maurice Juteau (Ind)
Glendon Brown
Chambly Denis Lazure Guy St-Pierre Camille Barré Jerry Béland Guy St-Pierre
Châteauguay Roland Dussault George Kennedy Charles Ross Duggan René Paré Albert Benoît (Ind)
Réjean Dumouchel (No designation)
George Kennedy
Huntingdon Gérald Pinsonneault Kenneth Fraser Claude Dubois Claude Grégoire Kenneth Fraser
Iberville Jacques Beauséjour Jacques Tremblay Urbain Morin Clovis Ménard Jacques Tremblay
Laporte Pierre Marois Jean-Jacques Lemieux Marcel L'Ecuyer Wilbrod Trépanier Richard Lépine (PTQ) André Déom
Laprairie Gilles Michaud Paul Berthiaume Stephan Olynyk André Mignault Paul Berthiaume
Richelieu Maurice Martel Jean Cournoyer Camille Vertefeuille Guy Guilbault Claude Simard
Saint-Hyacinthe Charles Tremblay Fernand Cornellier Fabien Cordeau Laurier Grenon Claude Coupal Fernand Cornellier
Saint-Jean Jérôme Proulx Jacques Veilleux Jean-Pierre Paquin Lucille-H. Pérusse Jacques Veilleux
Shefford Jean-R. Petit Richard Verreault Gilles Cadorette Gabriel Lacasse Léonce Boulanger Richard Verreault
Taillon René Lévesque Fernand Blanchard John E. de Souza Henri Bourassa Jacques Beaudoin (NPD-RMS) Guy Leduc
Vaudreuil-Soulanges Louise Sauvé Cuerrier Paul Phaneuf David G. M. Cape Paul-Émile Trépanier Lawrence Arthur Brown (NPD-RMS) Paul Phaneuf
Verchères Jean-Pierre Charbonneau Marcel Ostiguy Jean Costello Gilberte Desruisseaux Labbé Marcel Ostiguy

Montreal East[edit]

Electoral district Candidates Incumbent
PQ Liberal UN Ralliement créditiste PNP Other
Anjou Pierre-Marc Johnson
Yves Tardif
Albert Rossi
Fernand Roy
Réjean Pelletier
John Penner (NPD-RMS)
Yves Tardif
Bourassa Patrice Laplante Lise Bacon Robert Brisson Paulette Danis St-Onge Carmine Ciccarelli Vittorina Rizotto Bronzati (PCQ) Lise Bacon
Bourget Camille Laurin Jean Boudreault Armand Lagacé Albertine Martel Bombardier Micheline Ruelland (NPD-RMS)
Maurice Gohier (PTQ)
Jean Boudreault
Crémazie Guy Tardif Jean Bienvenue Maurice L'Écuyer Léopold Mercier Gilles Legault Claire Da Sylva Demers (PCQ)
André Lavallée (NPD-RMS)
Jean Bienvenue
Dorion Lise Payette Alfred Bossé Luigi Grasso Guy Lévesque Raymond Beaudoin Lorraine de Repentigny Vaillancourt (NPD-RMS) Alfred Bossé
Gouin Rodrigue Tremblay Jean-M. Beauregard Yves Roy Alfred Levesque Céline Lenoir Boulanger (PTQ)
Wilbray Thiffault (NPD-RMS)
Jean-M. Beauregard
Jeanne-Mance Henri-E. Laberge Aimé Brisson Pierre Grégoire Nicolino Ciarla Raymond O'Connor Bernadette Desrosiers Le Brun (PCQ)
Paul Kouri (No designation)
Aimé Brisson
Lafontaine Marcel Léger Bernard Benoît Lucien Grenier Brunel Dion Fernand Plourde Claude Leblanc (Ind) Marcel Léger
Laurier John Kambites André Marchand Georges Savoidakis Denise Chartrand Marion Christos Syros (AD)
Joseph Mallaroni (PCQ)
Pierre Bastien (NPD-RMS)
André Marchand
Maisonneuve Robert Burns Gilles Houle Arthur Goyette Michel Parret Jean-Guy Forget Louis Cauchy (NPD-RMS)
Samuel Walsh (PCQ)
Jeannine Warren (PTQ)
André Frappier (No designation)
Robert Burns
Mercier Gérald Godin Robert Bourassa Giuseppe Anzini Robert Roy Henri-François Gautrin (NPD-RMS)
Guy Desautels (PCQ)
Gaston Morin (PTQ)
Louise Ouimet (No designation)
Robert Bourassa
Rosemont Gilbert Paquette Gilles Bellemare Suzanne Charbonneau Touchette Octave Grosariu Lorenzo Marullo Luc Bégin (NPD-RMS)
René Boulanger (PTQ)
Gilles Bellemare
Saint-Jacques Claude Charron Micheline Lachapelle Brisebois Jacques Poirier Gaston Pleau Michel Bourdouxhe (NPD-RMS)
Gérard Lachance (PTQ)
Hervé Fuyet (PCQ)
Claude Charron
Sainte-Marie Guy Bisaillon Jean-Claude Malépart André Roy Roger Hébert André Rousseau (PTQ)
René Denis (NPD-RMS)
Jean-Claude Malépart
Sauvé Jacques-Yvan Morin Jean-Claude Legault Marcel Hotte Gérard Ledoux Mario de Brentani (PCQ)
Joseph-Léopold Gagner (Ind)
Jacques-Yvan Morin
Viau Charles-A. Lefebvre Fernand Sauvé Antonio Marciano Joseph Ouellet Luigino Mariano Fernard Picard

Montreal West[edit]

Electoral district Candidates Incumbent
PQ Liberal UN Ralliement créditiste PNP Other
L'Acadie Hélène Savard Jacob Thérèse Lavoie-Roux Jean-Guy Leboeuf Madeleine Piquette Bédard Diane Poirier (AD)
Pierre Lemaire (NPD-RMS)
D'Arcy-McGee Jacques Mackay Victor Charles Goldbloom Barry Fridhandler Gaëtan Gauthier Elie Chalouh (AD)
Max Wollach (Ind)
Victor Charles Golbloom
Jacques-Cartier Paul Olsen Noël Saint-Germain Donavan James Carter Huguette Zakrzewski Bergeron Graham Weeks (AD) Noël Saint-Germain
Marguerite-Bourgeoys Gérard Kentzinger Fernand Lalonde Domenico Izzi Raymond Jacques Thomas Rufh (NPD-RMS) Fernand Lalonde
Mont-Royal André Normandeau John Ciaccia Victor Podd Étienne Lupien Sarazin Watts (AD)
Monroe Dolman (NPD-RMS)
Richard Ducharme (PCQ)
John Ciaccia
Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Pierre Mailloux Bryce Mackasey Francis Donaldson Auguste Gagné Carl O'Malley Robert Keaton (AD)
John Raudsepp (Ind)
Cyril Durocher (NPD-RMS)
William Tetley
Outremont Pierre Harvey André Raynauld Archélas Turgeon Jérôme Choquette Régis Parent (Ind)
Denis Gervais (PCQ)
Jérôme Choquette
Pointe-Claire Paul-Émile Faucher Roy Amaron William Shaw Gérard-Philippe Allaire Renaud Binette Jeannette Tremblay Burley (Ind)
Reginald Edwards (AD)
Arthur-E. Séguin
Robert-Baldwin Gilles Corbeil John O'Gallagher Thea Bryan Barker Louis Lefebvre Robert Beale (Ind)
George Donald Boutilier (AD)
Leo Rotgaus (Ind)
Jean Cournoyer
Sainte-Anne Jean-Marc Lacoste Bruno Fortin Fernand Brais Lucette Bourque Foster Noël Parenteau Colin Hanley (Ind)
Paul Baatz (AD)
David Johnston (PCQ)
George Springate
Saint-Henri Jacques Couture Donat Taddeo Roland Meloche René Raymond Denis Poulin (NPD-RMS)
Angela Boulianne Gagnon (PTQ)
Gérard Shanks
Saint-Laurent Paul Unterberg Claude Forget Stanley Knox Normand Laroche Jean-Pierre Dorais Ghislain Cayouette (AD) Claude Forget
Saint-Louis Line Lescarbeau Bourgeois Harry Blank Bernard Talisman Guy Taillon Mair Williams Verthuy (AD)
Jean-Pierre Bourdouxhe (NPD-RMS)
Jeannette Pratte Walsh (PCQ)
Harry Blank
Verdun Yvan Fortin Lucien Caron Mark A. Wainberg Joseph alias Rivard Delarosbil Seymour Small (AD)
Robin Gagnon (PTQ)
Lucien Caron
Westmount Gaston Laurion George Springate Harold Fairhead Gaétan Pelletier Berthe Guertin Ouellet Nick Auf der Maur (AD) Kevin Drummond


Electoral district Candidates Incumbent
PQ Liberal UN Ralliement créditiste PNP Other
Fabre Bernard Landry Gilles Houde Julien Laurier Conrad Gauthier Maurice Arbour Gilles Houde
Laval Michel Leduc Jean-Noël Lavoie Charles Chaput Jean-Rock Gauthier Saad Marcos Bishara Jean-Noël Lavoie
Mille-Îles Guy Joron Bernard Lachance Thérèse Bourque Clermont Émilien Martel Pierre Guillemette Claude Demers (PCQ)
Ghislain Hallé (NPD-RMS)
Bernard Lachance


Electoral district Candidates Incumbent
PQ Liberal UN Ralliement créditiste PNP
Argenteuil Paul-André David Zoël Saindon Alphonse Bélec Claude Guay Zoël Saindon
Deux-Montagnes Pierre de Bellefeuille Jean-Paul L'Allier Normand Robidoux Fernand Houle François-de-Salles Robert Jean-Paul L'Allier
Laurentides-Labelle Jacques Léonard Roger Lapointe Laurent Jetté Antonio Lemire Roger Lapointe
Prévost Jean-Guy Cardinal Bernard Parent Oscar Gonthier Albert Pouliot Bernard Parent


Electoral district Candidates Incumbent
PQ Liberal UN Ralliement créditiste PNP Other
Berthier Jean-Guy Mercier Michel Denis Joseph Ouimet Rosaire Trudel Michel Denis
Joliette-Montcalm Guy Chevrette Robert Quenneville André Asselin Jean-Pierre Gagné Jacques Trudeau (PTQ)
Isabelle Geoffroy (No designation)
Robert Quenneville
L'Assomption Jacques Parizeau Roland Comtois Michel Duval Louis Comtois Henri Kélada Jean Perreault
Terrebonne Élie Fallu Denis Hardy Marcel Ayotte Guy Meunier Denis Hardy


Electoral district Candidates Incumbent
PQ Liberal UN Ralliement créditiste PNP Other
Gatineau Marc-André Tardif Michel Gratton Jacques-H. Crépeau Gérard Ouellet Michel Gratton
Hull Jocelyne Ouellette Oswald Parent Dan Brunet Yvon Larocque Oswald Parent
Papineau Jean Alfred Normand Racicot Sylvio Huneault Herbert Carriere Gilbert Dupuis Mark Assad
Pontiac-Témiscamingue Jean-Robert Seguier Jean-Guy Larivière Jean-Rock Bernard Emmanuel Pétrin Richard Bowie (Ind) Jean-Guy Larivière

Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Nord-du-Québec[edit]

Electoral district Candidates Incumbent
PQ Liberal UN Ralliement créditiste
Abitibi-Est Jean-Paul Bordeleau Paul-Étienne Violette Médéric Barrette Pierre Dallaire Roger Houde
Abitibi-Ouest François Gendron Jean-Hugues Boutin Kenneth Kenny Roger Bureau Jean-Hugues Boutin
Rouyn-Noranda Réal Roy Henri Miljours Jean-Claude Chevalier Camil Samson Camil Samson

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