Quebrada de los Cuervos

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The Quebrada de los Cuervos (Spanish for Crows Ravine) is an important landform in Treinta y Tres Department, Uruguay.

Crossed by the Yerbal Chico creek, it constitutes a natural protected area.[1][2] This Important Bird Area (IBA)[3] is inhabited by several endangered species, such as Agelaius flavus, Xolmis dominicanus, Limnoctites rectirostris, Sporophila cinnamomea, Sporophila ruficollis.[4] The very name of this place refers to crow-like Cathartidae which breed on its cliffs: Cathartes burrovianus, Cathartes aura, and Coragyps atratus.[5]


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Coordinates: 32°55′39″S 54°27′25″W / 32.92750°S 54.45694°W / -32.92750; -54.45694