Queen's Personal Flag for New Zealand

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The Queen's Personal New Zealand Flag

The personal flag of Queen Elizabeth II in her role as Queen of New Zealand was approved for use in 1962. It is used by the Queen only when she is in New Zealand or attending an event abroad in her role as head of state in New Zealand. The Queen's Representative, the Governor-General of New Zealand has their own flag.


On 11 October 1962 the Queen announced the adoption of a special personal flag for use on her tour of New Zealand between 6–18 February 1963 and for use afterwards.


The escutcheon of the coat of arms of New Zealand serves as basis for the flag.

The flag follows the same basic pattern used by queen across several other realms since the 1960s: it is the escutcheon of a country's coat of arms (e.g. the arms of New Zealand) in banner form defaced with a device taken from her personal flag (a blue roundel surrounded by a garland of roses encircling a crowned letter 'E', all in gold).

The flag is divided into four quadrants: The first quadrant includes depicts four stars as representative of the Southern Cross constellation, as depicted on the national flag. The second quadrant consists of a golden fleece on a red field. The third quadrant contains a golden wheat sheaf on a red field. The final quadrant includes two crossed gold hammers on a blue field.

The central stripe consists of three ships. Superimposed in the centre is a dark blue roundel bearing a Roman E surmounted by a Royal Crown within a chaplet of roses, all gold-coloured, obscuring the centre ship.

The central blue disc is taken from the Queen's Personal Flag, which is used by the Queen in relation to her role as Head of the Commonwealth.

Usage and protocol[edit]

The flag is flown continuously on any building in which the Queen is in residence and by a ship transporting the Queen in New Zealand waters. It is also flown whilst the Queen is attending a state or public function, and it is to be seen above the saluting base at military parades and open air gatherings when she is present. It is also broken when the Queen sets foot on board one of Her Majesty's New Zealand Ships.

When flown with the New Zealand Flag, the Queen's Personal Flag for New Zealand takes the position of honour.

The only occasions on which the Queen's Personal Flag for New Zealand are flown in her absence are at parades in honour of Her Majesty's Official Birthday.


The flag is protected under the Flags, Emblems, and Names Protection Act 1981, Section 12(1) states:

According to Section 12(2)(c), this applies to, among others, "any representation of the Royal Standard, or the Sovereign’s personal flag for New Zealand".[2]

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