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Queen's College (QC) is a coeducational institution located in Nassau, Bahamas, operating under the auspices of the Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church. Founded in 1890, Queen's College[1] is the oldest private school in the Bahamas.


Queen's College consists of three sections: the early learning centre, a primary school and a high school. The school offers Advanced Placement courses, A+ certification, Advanced Subsidiary courses, SAT II course, and MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist Certification) certificates.


In 1871, Queen's college opened its doors under the name The Bahamas Wesleyan Propriety Institution. The school's first principal was George Terry. From 1890 to 1925, the school continued under the guidance of S.B. Wilson and his successors. In 1925, R.P. Dyer took up the appointment as Headmaster, a position he which held until 1959. Dyer was succeeded by Geoffrey Litherland (1959 – 1964), Neville Stewart (1964 – 1971), and Hayden Middleton (1971 – 1979).

By the late 1960s, the school's population had grown to over 2,000 students. The first Bahamian administrator of Queen’s College, Yvonne Noronha, was appointed Vice Principal of the College and Headmistress of the Primary School in 1978. This was followed by the appointment of Charles Sweeting in 1979. Sweeting served as Principal until 1993. Vice Principal Philip Cash was appointed Principal in 1993 and served until he died in June 1997. In November 1997, Andrea Gibson became the first woman principal. Virginia Minnis was appointed Head of the Early Learning Centre in September 1999 and was the first Bahamian to serve in this post.

The school's current principal is Andrea U. Gibson, who has held the position since 1997.


The Comets, the school sporting team, has won awards in basketball, volleyball, swimming, track & field, and soccer. For years, Queen's College has placed second in the Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary Schools (BAISS) Track and Field Championship. In 2015, the Comets secured their first victory over the St. Augustine's College (SAC) Big Red Machines, who were on a 20+ year winning streak.


As of 2014:

  • Principal: Ms. Andrea Gibson [1]
  • Early Learning Centre Administration: Mrs. Virginia Minnis, Head of Section
  • Primary School Administration: Sylvia Beneby, Vice Principal, Head of Primary School, Angela Culmer, Deputy Head
  • Primary School Curriculum Coordinator: Alexia Tsavoussis
  • Early Years Curriculum Coordinator: Antja Humes
  • High School Administration: Shawn Turnquest, Vice Principal – Head of High School

House system[edit]

Queen's College has four houses: Dyer, Heath, King, and Rogers. This system is used primarily for student classification in sporting events and as a merit system up to the high school level. It is then used to place students into home room classes, where students remain until graduation. It is also used to decide which students go to BAISS.

House House Colour

Extra-curricular activities[edit]

Clubs and societies include:

Through Queen's College's extra-curricular involvement, students have become involved with organizations such as Resources and Education for Autism and Related Challenges (REACH), the AIDS Foundation of the Bahamas, and the Special Olympics Committee of the Bahamas.

Students of the college have volunteered in improving the living conditions and recognition of hurricane victims.

Notable alumni[edit]


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