Queen's County (UK Parliament constituency)

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Queen's County
Former County constituency
for the House of Commons
Replaced by Queen's County Leix and Queen's County Ossory
Created from Queen's County Leix and Queen's County Ossory

Queen's County was a UK Parliament constituency in Ireland, returning two Members of Parliament 1801–1885 and one in 1918–1922.


This constituency comprised the whole of Queen's County, now known as County Laois, except for the parliamentary borough of Portarlington 1801–1885.

Members of Parliament[edit]

MPs 1801–1885[edit]

Year 1st Member 1st Party 2nd Member 2nd Party
1801 Sir John Parnell, Bt Charles Coote
1801, 28 December Hon. William Wellesley-Pole Tory
1802, 5 April Henry Parnell Whig
1802, 23 July Sir Eyre Coote
1806, 17 February Sir Henry Parnell Whig
1821, 27 August Sir Charles Coote, Bt Conservative
1832, 24 December Patrick Lalor Repeal Association
1835, 20 January Hon. Thomas Vesey Conservative
1837, 15 August John FitzPatrick Whig
1841, 10 July Hon. Thomas Vesey Conservative Sir Charles Coote, Bt Conservative
1847, 7 August John FitzPatrick Whig
1852, 19 July Michael Dunne Irish Brigade Sir Charles Coote, Bt Conservative
1859, 10 May Liberal Francis Plunkett Dunne Conservative
1865, 22 July John FitzPatrick Liberal
1868, 23 November Kenelm Thomas Digby Liberal
1870, 4 January Edmund Dease[1]
1880, 8 April Richard Lalor Home Rule League Arthur O'Connor Irish Parliamentary Party
1885 Constituency divided: see Queen's County Leix and Queen's County Ossory

MPs 1885–1918[edit]

Election Member Party Note
1918 Single member constituency created
1918, December 14 1 Kevin Christopher O'Higgins Sinn Féin Did not take his seat at Westminster
1922, October 26 UK constituency abolished


  • 1 Date of polling day. The result was declared on 28 December 1918, to allow time for votes cast by members of the armed forces to be included in the count.



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