Queen's Dock, Port of Liverpool

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Queen's Dock
Liverpool Queens Dock Feb 2014.JPG
The view across Queen's Dock towards the Pier Head in 2014
Location Liverpool, United Kingdom
Coordinates 53°23′38″N 2°59′07″W / 53.3940°N 2.9854°W / 53.3940; -2.9854Coordinates: 53°23′38″N 2°59′07″W / 53.3940°N 2.9854°W / 53.3940; -2.9854
OS grid SJ345890
Owner Canal & River Trust[1]
Opened 1785
Type Wet dock
Area 10 acres (4.0 ha), 1,568 sq yd (1,311 m2) (in 1859)[2]
Width at entrance 60 ft (18 m) (in 1859)[3]
Quay length 1,214 yd (1,110 m) (in 1859)[3]
British Empire Dockyards and Ports, 1909

Queen's Dock is a dock on the River Mersey and part of the Port of Liverpool. It is situated in the southern dock system, connected to Wapping Dock to the north and Coburg Dock to the south.


The dock was designed by Henry Berry and opened in 1785. The dock was named in honour of Queen Charlotte, the consort of George III,[4] and it was later expanded by John Foster, Sr.. At its largest, the dock consisted of a main basin and two branch docks, which were separated by a graving dock. Branch Dock Number 2 (to the north) has since been filled in and is used as a car park. The graving dock is now straddled by an HM Revenue and Customs building.

This and the other docks in the southern system were owned by British Waterways, transferred to the Canal & River Trust in 2012.


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