Queen's Mediterranean Medal

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Queen's Mediterranean Medal
Queen's Mediterranean Medal Obverse.jpgQueen's Mediterranean Medal, Reverse.jpg
Obverse and reverse of the medal.
Awarded by United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Type Campaign medal
Eligibility British Army
Awarded for Campaign service
Campaign(s) Boer War 1899-1902
Description Silver disk 36 mm wide
Clasps None
Established 1902
Total awarded 5000
Queens South Africa Medal BAR.svg
Ribbon bar

The Queen's Mediterranean Medal was authorised by King Edward VII and was awarded to Militia troops [1] who had replaced their regular Army counterparts in the various military garrisons across the Mediterranean. This allowed regular troops to be available for the Second Boer War.[2]

However troops on the island of St. Helena who were guarding Boer prisoners of war in the POW camp were awarded the Queen's South Africa Medal without bar.

The medal and ribbon are identical to the Queen's South Africa Medal 1899-1902 except the inscription 'SOUTH AFRICA' has been replaced by the word 'MEDITERRANEAN' on the reverse of the medal.[2]


Approximately 5000 of the Queen's Mediterranean Medal were awarded in total. They were issued to eligible officers and men in the Third Battalions of the: Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, Royal Fusiliers, West Yorkshire Regiment, Royal North Lancashire Regiment, Royal West Kent Regiment, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, Seaforth Highlanders and the Royal Munster Fusiliers.[3]


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