Queen's Square, Sydney

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View across Queen's Square from inside the gates of Hyde Park Barracks towards St James' Church. The Supreme Court building is to the right, and the statues of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and Hyde Park, are to the left.
Law Courts building. The open space on the right is the northern end of Queen's Square.

Queen's Square is a public square in central Sydney, Australia. It is located at the junction of King Street with Phillip Street and Macquarie Street. It is bounded on the south by St James Road and Prince Albert Road.

Arranged around Queen's Square, clockwise from the north, are the Law Courts Building, the Sydney Mint, Hyde Park Barracks, the Land Titles Office, Hyde Park, St James' Church, and Sydney Law School. These buildings, other than the Law Courts Building and Sydney Law School, are all heritage-listed constructions, mostly dating from the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Square is the location of two statues. One, of Queen Victoria, stands on the south-western corner, and faces northward towards the Law Courts building. The other, of Prince Albert, stands on the south-eastern corner, and faces across Macquarie Street towards the statue of the Queen. Another memorial located on the square is that to Francis Greenway, colonial architect responsible for many of the surrounding buildings, which is a mosaic and relief set into the ground in front of the Law Courts building.

Being a public square adjacent to the state's Supreme Court, and also close to Parliament House, the square is often the scene of political and individual protests.

St James station is located underground to the south of the square.

Coordinates: 33°52′10″S 151°12′43″E / 33.8695°S 151.2120°E / -33.8695; 151.2120