Queen's Volunteer Reserves Medal

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Queen's Volunteer Reserves Medal
Obverse and reverse of the medal
Awarded by the Her Majesty The Queen
Country  United Kingdom
Eligibility Members of the
* Army Reserve (United Kingdom)
* Royal Auxiliary Air Force
* Royal Naval Reserve
* Royal Marines Reserve
Awarded for Exemplary personal performance over an extended period of service in the Reserve Forces[1]
Clasps None
Post-nominals QVRM[2]
Established 29 March 1999[3]
Order of Wear
Next (higher) Queen's Ambulance Service Medal[4][5]
Next (lower) Queen's Medal for Chiefs (de jure)[5]
British campaign medals, United Nations Medals, and Medals of recognised International Organisations in order of award (de facto)[6]
Queen's Volunteer Reserves Medal Ribbon 100px.png
Ribbon of QVRM

The Queen's Volunteer Reserves Medal (QVRM) was created by Royal Warrant of Queen Elizabeth II on 29 March 1999.[3] Only 13 Queen's Volunteer Reserves Medals may be awarded in a year. The medal is presented only to members of the Volunteer Reserves of the British Armed Services for exemplary meritorious service in the conduct of their duties.[7] The QVRM is a Level 3 award and ranks in military order of wear immediately after the British Empire Medal.[1] It is the first exclusive award to Volunteer Reserves that is presented at an investiture. The first awards were announced in the 1999 Queen's Birthday Honours with these first awards presented at an investiture on 5 November 1999.[7]


The medal is circular and made of silver coloured metal. The obverse bears the sovereign's effigy surrounded by the inscription ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA FID DEF (Latin: Elizabeth II by the Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith). The reverse depicts a scroll with the inscription The Queen's Volunteer Reserves Medal. The ribbon is dark green with three narrow gold stripes. Receipt of this medal is entitles the holder to use the post-nominals QVRM.[2] There are no clasps awarded for this medal.

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