Queen Adelaide Archipelago

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Queen Adelaide Archipelago
Native name: Archipiélago Reina Adelaida
Queen Adelaide Archipelago (Spanish: Archipiélago Reina Adelaida)
Adjacent bodies of water Pacific ocean
Region Magallanes Region
Province Última Esperanza Province
Commune Puerto Natales
Additional information
NGA UFI=-898958

Queen Adelaide Archipelago (Spanish: Archipiélago Reina Adelaida) is an island group in Zona Austral, the extreme south of Chile. It belongs to the Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena Region.

The major islands in the group are Pacheco Island, Contreras Island, Ramirez Island, Cochrane Island, Juan Guillermos Island and the Rennell Islands (South Rennell Island and North Rennell Island).

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Coordinates: 52°10′00″S 74°40′00″W / 52.1667°S 74.6667°W / -52.1667; -74.6667