International Rock Star Records

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International Rock Star Records
Founded 1999
Founder Lil' Kim
Distributor(s) Atlantic Records (1999–2010)
Brookland Entertainment (2010–2012)
Genre Hip hop, R&B
Country of origin United States

International Rock Star (IRS) Records (formerly named Queen Bee Entertainment until 2010), is a record label owned by rapper Lil' Kim. All artists that are signed under Lil' Kim, album's are released under I.R.S Records. Lil' Kim has partnered up with Brookland Entertainment which is distributed by Universal Music Group.


In 1999, two years after the death of The Notorious B.I.G., Lil' Kim decided that she wanted to start her own label. She would go to Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs for guidance and advice to start the label. Lil' Kim then signed to Atlantic Records, provided distribution for the label, Atlantic would continue to distribute Queen Bee's music until 2010. After being released from prison Kim was ready to resurrect her career, and reclaim that throne she once held in the early 90's. Resurrecting her career including releasing her future projects independently, gaining total and complete control over her albums, and owning her master recordings, which is highly valuable in the music industry. December 2007, News broke that Kim had teamed back up with former friend and manager Lance "Un" aka "Uncle Pauly" Rivera along with ShaKim Compère & Queen Latifah's Flavor Unit Entertainment would be managing her career. Thanks to Un & ShaKim, Kim was released out of her contact with Atlantic Records. It was confirmed that Lil Kim has signed a deal with Brookland Entertainment, which is an indie label distributed by Republic Records.


Current artists[edit]

  • Lil' Kim (CEO and President)
  • Tiffany Foxx [1]
  • Double A
  • Young Goldie
  • Bondz
  • Lambolux
  • Dash
  • Brill
  • SK the rockstar
  • Miss Sonia
  • Shaun Pynne
  • Hemo Brown
  • KingTay Ohio Marketing Assistance

Former artists[edit]

  • Lil' Cease
  • Clyde McKnight
  • Lil' Shanice
  • The Advakids (Made up of Saint aka Young Goldie, Vee, Reeks and Bunky S.A.)
  • Gotti Kids (Made up of Blake C, Ill Bill and Mikie)
  • Ice Drake
  • Glace Conway
  • The Product G&B (Made up of Money Harm and Sincere)
  • Babe Blue
  • Tha Beehive (Made up of Ice Drake, Blake C, Ill Bill, Glace Conway, Saint and Vee)

I.R.S South[edit]

International Rock Star South Records (I.R.S South) and was created in 2012 by Lil' Kim and is the subsidiary of International Rock Star Records.


  • Double A
  • Homeey Montana
  • CuttaMan
  • Joevonte Crockett aka King Tay


Albums released on label[edit]

Albums released on International Rock Star Records label.
Artist Album details Peak chart positions Certifications Sales
Lil' Cease 26 3
Lil' Kim 4 1 70 76 85 100 67
  • US: 1,416,000
    (as of 2007)[4]
Lil' Kim 5 4 105 82 33 81 80
  • US: Platinum[2]
  • US: 1,100,000[5]
Lil' Kim 6 3 46
  • US: 394,000
    (as of 2007)[6]

Mixtape releases[edit]


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