Queen Dangyeong

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Queen Dangyeong
Queen consort of Joseon
Tenure 18 September 1506 – 25 September 1506
Predecessor Queen Sin (deposed)
Successor Queen Janggyeong
Born 7 February 1487
Kingdom of Joseon
Died 27 December 1557 (1557-12-28) (aged 70)
Kingdom of Joseon
Spouse King Jungjong of Joseon
Posthumous name
House Geochang Shin
Father Shin Soo-Geun
Mother Lady Han of the Cheongju Han clan

Queen Dangyeong or Queen Dan-Kyung (7 February 1487 – 27 December 1557) was the wife and Queen Consort of King Jungjong of Joseon, the 11th monarch of the Joseon Dynasty.


Born Lady Shin, her father, Shin Su-geun was the brother-in-law of King Yonsangun, and was opposed to the enthronement of Jungjong, leading a coup against him, in which he was killed. Due to this incident, she was deposed from the position of queen and expelled from the palace. She died in 1557, childless, and buried in a family tomb. Her position was posthumously restored in 1739 and her tomb was named Olleung.[1][2]


  • Father: Shin Su-Geun (1450 – 1506) (신수근)
    • Grandfather: Shin Seung-Seon (1436 – 1502) (신승선)
    • Grandmother: Princess Jungmo of the Jeonju Yi clan (중모현주)
  • Mother: Lady Han of the Cheongju Han clan (청주 한씨)
  • Husband: King Jungjong of Joseon (16 April 1488 – 29 November 1544) (조선 중종)

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Preceded by
Deposed Queen Sin
Queen consort of Korea
18 September 1506 – 25 September 1506
Succeeded by
Queen Janggyeong