Queen Elizabeth Ranges

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Queen Elizabeth Ranges
Canada Boat House am Maligne Lake, Jasper NP, Alberta, CA.jpg
Seen from Maligne lake
Highest point
PeakMount Unwin
Elevation3,268 m (10,722 ft)
Coordinates52°36′36″N 117°31′41.9″W / 52.61000°N 117.528306°W / 52.61000; -117.528306Coordinates: 52°36′36″N 117°31′41.9″W / 52.61000°N 117.528306°W / 52.61000; -117.528306
Parent rangeCanadian Rockies

The Queen Elizabeth Ranges is a group of mountain ranges in the Canadian Rockies on the southeastern side of Jasper National Park, Canada. The northern end of the ranges begins east of Medicine Lake and extends in a southeasterly direction past the southern shore of Maligne Lake. The group was named in 1953 to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II as Canada's sovereign.[1]

These ranges include the following mountains and peaks:[1]

Mountain/Peak metres feet
Mount Unwin 3,268 10,722
Mount Charlton 3,217 10,555
Mount Mary Vaux 3,201 10,502
Maligne Mountain 3,200 10,500
Coronet Mountain 3,152 10,342
Llysfran Peak 3,141 10,306
Mount Moffat 3,090 10,138
Samson Peak 3,081 10,109
Mount Paul 2,805 9,203
Leah Peak 2,801 9,190
Opal Peak 2,800 9,187
Mount Julian 2,760 9,056
Helmet Mountain 2,612 8,570


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