Queen Hyohyeon

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Queen Hyohyeon
Queen consort of Joseon
Tenure1837 – 1843
PredecessorQueen Sunwon
SuccessorQueen Hyojeong
Born27 April 1828
Kingdom of Joseon
Died18 October 1843 (1843-10-19) (aged 15)
Hanseong, Kingdom of Joseon
SpouseKing Heonjong of Joseon
Posthumous name
HouseAndong Kim
FatherKim Jo-Geun
MotherLady Lee of the Hansan Lee clan

Queen Hyohyeon (27 April 1828 – 18 October 1843) (효현왕후 김씨) was a wife and the queen consort of King Heonjong of Joseon, the 24th monarch of the Joseon Dynasty. She was of the Andong Kim clan, daughter of Kim Jo-geun (김조근), posthumously known as "Hyohyeon, The Seong Empress" (효현성황후).


She was born on 27 April 1828. Her father was Kim Jo-geun and her mother was Lady Lee of the Hansan Lee clan. Lady Kim became queen in 1837 but died at a young age in 1843, without offspring.


  • Father: Kim Jo-Geun (1793 – 1844) (김조근)
    • Grandfather: Kim Ji-Sun (김지순)
    • Grandmother: Lady Min of the Yeoheung Min clan (여흥 민씨)
  • Mother: Lady Lee of the Hansan Lee clan (한산 이씨)
    • Grandfather: Lee Hee-Seon (1775 – 1818) (이희선)
    • Grandmother: Lady Park of the Bannam Park (1774 – 1811) (반남 박씨)
  • Husband: King Heonjong of Joseon (8 September 1827 – 25 July 1849) (조선 헌종)


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Preceded by
Queen Sunwon
Queen consort of Korea
Succeeded by
Queen Hyojeong