Queen Ingrid's Hospital

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Queen Ingrid's Hospital
Queen Ingrid's Hospital is located in Greenland
Queen Ingrid's Hospital
Location Nuuk, Greenland
Coordinates 64°10′09″N 51°44′17″W / 64.16916°N 51.73805°W / 64.16916; -51.73805Coordinates: 64°10′09″N 51°44′17″W / 64.16916°N 51.73805°W / 64.16916; -51.73805
Funding Government hospital
Hospital type General
Beds 130
Founded 1953
Other links www.peqqik.gl

Queen Ingrid's Hospital (Greenlandic: Dronning Ingridip Napparsimmavissua) is a hospital in Nuuk, Greenland. The hospital not only serves as the main hospital for the municipality but is the central hospital in all of Greenland. The hospital has around 130 beds.[1]


The hospital was established in 1953 and initially was a sanatorium for pulmonary diseases.[2]


The current hospital complex dates from 1980 but is currently being expanded and rejuvenated according to a plan by C. F. Møller Architects.[3]

The first phase which consists of a health centre and pharmacy opened on 3 February 2011. It take the form of sunken angular blocks and is clad in copper both on the facades and roof. The design is inspired by the ice floes that float in Godthåbsfjord and the image of Sermitsiaq, Greenland’s highest mountain.[3]

Also planned are a psychiatric building, rural pharmacy and a new medical clinic for general practitioners as well a circular patient ‘hotel’ with additional beds.[3]

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