Karomama I

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Karomama in hieroglyphs
kA Z1
Queen consort of Egypt
Great Royal Wife
Lady of The Two Lands
Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt, etc
British Museum Egypt 095.jpg
Stele depicting Osorkon II and Karomama
Spouse Pharaoh Osorkon II
Issue Shoshenq D
Karomama C,
Religion Ancient Egyptian religion

Queen Karomama I was an Egyptian queen, married to Osorkon II. She was part of the 22nd dynasty of Ancient Egypt.


Karomama was likely a daughter of Pharaoh Takelot I. She was one of three known wives of Osorkon II. The other wives being Isetemkheb G and Djedmutesankh iv.[1]

Karomama was the mother of at least two sons and three daughters:[1][2]


Osorkon II had many buildings raised during his reign, including a detailed monumental red granite hall in the 22nd year of his reign. Relief images of him and Queen Karomama decorate the walls. Queen Karomama (also known as Karoama B) was also a Royal daughter, but it is unclear which King was her father. As she is not titled Royal Sister, one can assume she was not Takeloth I's daughter, but the lack of the title King's Sister is not conclusive. Other candidates are Shoshenq II or Harsiese. In the Jubilee reliefs, she is accompanied by her three daughters Tashakheper A, Karomama C and <Ta>iirmer (Year 22).[1]


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