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"Queen Mary" semi-trailer carrying part of an Avro Anson aircraft at the RAF Museum London

A Queen Mary trailer is a British semi-trailer combination designed for the carriage and recovery of aircraft. The trailer was made by Tasker Trailers of Andover, with Bedford or Crossley Motors tractors.


Features included:

  • Very low floor and ground clearance, typically around 12 inches (305 mm).
  • Single axle.
  • Wheels outboard of load area.
  • Side rails to allow carriage of wings upright, resting on their leading edges.

Load was 5 tons "distributed evenly".

These features were a natural result of the intended load, aircraft being typically light but long. The name is presumed to derive from its length, a reference to the RMS Queen Mary of the Cunard Line.


The vehicles were used by the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm during and after World War II.

Post-war civilian operators included Silver City Airways.

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