Queen Street, Melbourne

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Queen Street, facing north from Flinders St
An underground toilet on Queen Street

Queen Street is a street in the Melbourne central business district, forming part of the famous Hoddle Grid. It runs roughly from north to south. The northern end of Queen Street intersects with Victoria Street, while its southern end intersects with Flinders Street. The northern end of Queen Street bisects the Queen Victoria Market into the dry section and wet section.

Queen Street is a mainly commercial and financial section of the central business district. There are many office buildings along the road. These include the world headquarters of ANZ at 100 Queen Street, the 32-storey building at 200 Queen Street, the Republic Tower at 299 Queen Street and the Bank of China building at 270 Queen Street

Victoria University also has a building on Queen Street.

Queen Street is named after Queen Elizabeth I.

It was the scene of the Queen Street massacre on 8 December 1987.

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