Queen Street Bus Terminal

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This article is about the bus station in Singapore. For the bus station in Brisbane, see Queen Street bus station.

Coordinates: 1°18′13″N 103°51′23″E / 1.30361°N 103.85639°E / 1.30361; 103.85639

Queen Street Bus Terminal
Terminal Bas Queen Street

Queen Street Bus Terminal 5, Jan 06.JPG

Commencement date: 1988
Number of services:
SBS Transit:
Causeway Link:
Singapore-Johore Express:
BCM Package: Bukit Merah[1][2]
Bus operators: SBS Transit
Causeway Link
Singapore-Johore Express
Nearest MRT station:  EW12  DT14  Bugis
 DT22  Jalan Besar (U/C)

Queen Street Bus Terminal (Chinese: 奎因街巴士终站), also known as Ban San Bus Terminal, is a bus terminal in Singapore.

Queen Street Bus Terminal serves as the terminal for cross-border bus and taxi services to Johor Bahru, Malaysia.[citation needed]


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