Queen Sunwon

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Queen Sunwon
Queen Regent of Joseon
Regency1834 – 1841
1849 – 1852
MonarchKing Heonjong of Joseon
King Cheoljong of Joseon
Grand Queen Dowager of Joseon
Tenure1834 – 1857
PredecessorQueen Jeongsun
SuccessorQueen Sinjeong
Queen Dowager of Joseon
PredecessorQueen Hyoui
SuccessorQueen Sinjeong
Queen Consort of Joseon
Tenure1802 – 1834
PredecessorQueen Hyoui
SuccessorQueen Hyohyeon
Born8 June 1789
Kingdom of Joseon
Died21 September 1857 (1857-09-22) (aged 68)
Changdeok Palace Kingdom of Joseon
SpouseKing Sunjo of Joseon
IssueCrown Prince Hyomyeong
Princess Myeongon
Princess Bokon
Princess Deokon
Posthumous name
HouseAndong Kim
FatherKim Jo-Sun
MotherLady Shim of the Cheongsong Shim clan

Queen Sunwon (순원왕후 김씨, 8 June 1789 – 21 September 1857) also known as Queen Dowager Myeonggyeong (명경왕대비) was a Queen consort of Korea as the spouse of Sunjo of Joseon. She served as regent of Korea from 1834–1841 and from 1849–1852.


She was a daughter of Kim Jo-sun (김조순, 1765–1832) of the Andong Kim clan. Her mother was a lady from the Sim clan (심씨).

In 1802, she married King Sunjo of Joseon as his first and only queen consort. Her husband died in 1834, and she became regent for her eight-year-old grandson, King Heonjong. Political power in the kingdom remained in the hands of her family, the Andong Kim clan. In 1840, power passed to the family of the monarch's mother, the Pungyang Jo clan, following the Catholic persecution of 1839. At the death of her grandson in 1849, she again became regent.

Queen Sunwon died at Changdeok Palace on 21 September 1857.

She was posthumously honored as "Empress Sunwonsuk" (순원숙황후).


Queen Sunwon bore King Sunjo of Joseon five children, including his eldest (and only surviving) son:

  • Crown Prince Hyomyeong (효명세자, 1809–1830)
  • Princess Myeongon (명온공주, 1810–1832)
  • Princess Bokon (복온공주, 1818–1828)
  • An unknown Prince (1820–?)
  • Princess Deokon (덕온공주, 1828–1844)

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Preceded by
Queen Hyoui
Queen consort of Korea
Succeeded by
Queen Hyohyeon