Queen Victoria Statue, Bristol

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Queen Victoria Statue
Victoria statue.jpg
Artist Joseph Boehm
Year 1888
Type White marble
Location Bristol

The statue of Queen Victoria by Joseph Edgar Boehm stands on College Green, Bristol, England. It is a Grade II listed building.[1][2]

It was unveiled on 25 July 1888 bu Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale who was Victoria's grandson. When the statue was put into place a glass time capsule was incorporated into the plinth. This was uncovered during redevelopment in 2004 and given to Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery.[3]

The round steps limestone ashlar lead to a square, copper base with fish, putti and inscribed panels, which support the marble statue. The figure of Queen Victoria is holding a sceptre and orb which are now broken. The statue has been moved several times.

In January 2016 the statue was vandalised by feminist street artist 'Vaj' by adding legs and pubic hair to the lower half of the statue.[4][5]

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Coordinates: 51°27′08″N 2°35′58″W / 51.45220°N 2.59941°W / 51.45220; -2.59941