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Each year in September and early October, the Pasadena Tournament of Roses administers a selection process to determine which greater Pasadena-area girls will have the honor of being crowned Queen of the Tournament of Roses, or one of the members of her "Royal Court". Each year some 1,000 girls (and few boys) between the ages of 17 to 21, try out.[1] Six princesses and one queen are chosen.[2][3] They are high school and college students within the Pasadena City College district attendance area.

The winners then ride on a float in the parade, and carry out duties in promotion of the Tournament, mainly during its duration and prelude. Their duties include attending over one hundred events in the Southern California area and presiding over the Rose Bowl Game. They receive scholarship money, a 30-piece wardrobe, and other benefits. The crown, provided by Mikimoto, is valued at $100,000.[clarification needed] It is adorned with 600 cultured pearls and 6 carats (1,200 mg) of diamonds.

Erika Karen Winter (Flintridge Preparatory School) was selected as the 2016 Rose Parade Queen during the Queen announcement and Coronation ceremony on October 22, 2015. Other members of the 2016 Royal Court are Bryce Marie Bakewell (Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy), Donaly Elizabeth Marquez (Blair High School), Natalie Breanne Hernandez-Barber (Alverno High School), Rachelle Chacal Renee Liu (San Marino High School), Regina Marché Pullens (Maranatha High School), and Sarah Sumiko Shaklan (La Cañada High School),

Madison Triplett (John Marshall Fundamental High School) was selected as the 2015 Rose Parade Queen during the Queen announcement and Coronation ceremony on October 21, 2014. Other members of the 2015 Royal Court are Mackenzie Byers (Pasadena City College), Gabrielle Current (Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy), Veronica Mejia (Pasadena City College), Bergen Onufer (Mayfield Senior School), Simona Shao (Westridge School) and Emily Stoker (Temple City High School), who were announced on October 6, 2014 at the Tournament House.

Ana Marie Acosta of Polytechnic School was crowned 2014 Rose Parade Queen on October 24, 2013 during the Coronation Ceremony. Other members of 2014 Royal Court Sarah Hansen, Pasadena City College; Kayla Johnson-Granberry; Pasadena High School; Jamie Kwong, La Salle High School; Katherine Lipp, La Cañada High School; Elyssia Widjaja, San Marino High School; and Elizabeth Woolf, La Cañada High School.[4]

Vanessa Manjarrez of Mayfield Senior School was named the 2013 queen on October 16, 2012. Members of the court includes Madison Teodo of La Canada High School; Sonia Shenoi of San Marino High School; Kathryne Benuska of Maranatha High School; Nicole Nelam of Pasadena High School; Tracy Cresta of La Salle High School; and Victoria McGregor of Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy.

Drew Helen Washington, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy was the 2012 queen. Other members of the 2011-12 Royal Court were Sarah Nicole Zuno, Benjamin Franklin High School; Cynthia Megan Louie, LaSalle High School; Morgan Eliza Devaud, La Canada High School; Kimberly Victoria Ostiller, Flintridge Preparatory School; Hanan Bulto Worku, Pasadena High School; Stephanie Grace Hynes, Maranatha High School

Evanne Friedmann was named the 2011 Rose Queen on October 19, 2010. The official Coronation ceremony was held on October 28, 2010 at the Pasadena Convention Center.[5][6] The 2010 Royal Court: Natalie Innocenzi, 17, of Arcadia, and a student at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy was the 92nd Rose Queen and the princesses were Katherine Hernandez, June Ko, Lauren Rogers, Kinsey Stuart, and Ashley Thaxton.[7]

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