Queensland A10 Ipswich class locomotive

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Queensland Railways A10 Ipswich class
StateLibQld 1 69723 A10 class steam locomotive no. 36, built at Ipswich workshops in 1877.jpg
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Builder North Ipswich Railway Workshops
Order number 1
Build date 1877
Total produced 1
Configuration 2-4-0
Gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Fuel type Coal
Cylinders 2 outside
Cylinder size 10 in × 18 in (254 mm × 457 mm)
Operators Queensland Railways
Numbers 132
Disposition scrapped

The Queensland Railways A10 Ipswich class locomotive was a one-off 2-4-0 steam locomotive operated by the Queensland Railways.


In 1877, the North Ipswich Railway Workshops built a one-off 2-4-0 steam locomotive entering service on the Southern & Western Railway numbered 36. In 1880 it was sent to the then isolated Bundaberg line and renumbered 3. In 1890, as part of the Queensland Railways renumbering scheme, it was renumbered 132. It was sold to McArdle & Thompson in February 1881, being resold to Fairymead Sugar Mill in 1892.[1]


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