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Queensland State Schools are schools that are part of the Queensland, Australia. State Government provided universal free education system.

Primary Schools cater for Preparatory Year (Prep or PY) and Years 1 to 6 (covering students from 5 to 12 years). PY, Years 1, 2 and 3 are sometimes known as Infants. High schools cater for Years 7 to 12. There have also been a few schools, usually in extremely remote areas, that provide Years PY to 10 (Hightop Primary Schools)

State education system[edit]

Queensland, Australia has an extensive State education system, which are free to attend and open to all residents, administered by and funded through a Queensland State Government Department now known as Education Queensland and is also responsible for Training and the Arts. Although the basic education of the students is free, fees may be levied for extra goods and services such as text books, participation in sporting carnivals, school photos and magazines. Parents may also be asked for voluntary donations to improve the level of facilities at the school (e.g. more computers). Parents are within their rights to decline to pay these additional amounts, but there is often pressure to pay, including from the child if they perceive they are not receiving benefits that other children have. In cases of financial hardship, it may be possible to have the fees waived.[1][2]

The system consists of Primary Schools (see below), High Schools, Special Schools (catering to the needs of those with physical and intellectual handicaps severe enough to preclude mainstreaming) and the Correspondence/Remote support service.

The Queensland system of State School schools grew out of the National Schools program, the first of which in Queensland was established in 1850 in Warwick, funded by the New South Wales government. Other national schools such as that at Drayton soon followed. After Queensland was declared independent of New South Wales in 1859, it assumed responsibility for Schools. In 1870, State Schools became free, and with the Education Act of 1875, provided for free and compulsory education in State schools for all Queenslanders.


In April 2013, Queensland education minister John-Paul Langbroek announced that school principals will be given the right to send unruly students to Saturday detention, in a bid to reduce bad behaviour across Queensland's state schools.[3][4]

Primary schools[edit]

Primary schools tend to be more numerous and smaller than High Schools in the Queensland State education system. Primary Schools rely strongly on the support and fundraising of their P&Cs (Parents and Citizens Associations).

Primary Schools in the Education Queensland system are normally named Suburb/Locality/Town/District State School. Unlike some other schooling systems, State Schools in Queensland are normally not (re)named to commemorate significant individuals or historic events.

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