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Queenston Road is a two-way Lower City arterial road in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Also known as Highway 8. It starts off at the Queenston Traffic Circle and travels eastward over the Red Hill Valley Parkway and into Stoney Creek past the Fruitland and Winona communities and into Niagara Region as Niagara Regional Road 81.


Canada's first drive-in was the Skyway Drive-in located on Queenston Road. It was opened for business 10 July 1946. At one time the city of Hamilton had five drive-in theatres but only one remains as of April, 2007. The first drive-in closed in 1975 and is now the site of Fiesta Mall on the corner of Queenston and Gray Roads.[1]

Up to 1938, Queenston Road just West of the Red Hill Valley Parkway was the site of the Civic Airport in the McQuesten neighbourhood. Today it is a residential neighbourhood and the site of Roxborough Park.[1]


Note: Listing of Landmarks from West to East.

  • Queenston Traffic Circle
  • City Motor Hotel
  • All Saints North America Orthodox Church
  • St. Eugene's Rectory
  • Parkdale Park
  • Birchwood Apartments
  • Red Hill Creek Valley Trail
  • Red Hill Creek
  • Red Hill Valley Parkway, travels underneath Queenston Road overpass
  • Red Rose Motel
  • Zellers (department store)
  • Canadian Tire Pitstop
  • Sam Manson Park
  • Queenston Mall
  • Eastgate Square (Mall)
  • Gulliver Square (shopping)
  • Battlefield Square (shopping)
  • Battlefield Creek
  • Little League Park
  • Henry & Beatrice Warden Park
  • Watson Park
  • Fiesta Mall

AT GRAY/GRAYS ROAD, QUEENSTON ROAD BECOMES HIGHWAY 8, which is where the following landmarks are located:

  • Cardinal Newman Secondary School
  • St. Francis Xavier Church
  • Cenotaph Park
  • Spartan Square (shopping)
  • Orchard Park Secondary School
  • Fruitland Cemetery
    • Sherwood Park (behind cemetery)
    • Saltfleet Arena (behind cemetery)
  • Fruitland Motel
  • Mountain Gardens Cemetery
  • Kiwanis Community Centre
  • John Knox Memorial Christian Church
  • Winona Pitch & Putt
  • Innsville Hotel
  • Winona Senior Citizen Centre
  • Puddicombe Estate (wine)


Note: Listing of neighbourhoods from West to East. [2]

Roads that are parallel with Queenston Road[edit]

Lower City Roads:

Niagara Escarpment (Mountain) Roads:

Roads that cross Queenston Road[edit]

Note: Listing of streets from West to East.

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