Queenstown Secondary School

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Queenstown Secondary School Crest
Queenstown Secondary School
Type Government
Motto Resilience, Integrity, Service, Excellence
Established 1956
School code 3508
Principal Mdm Rasidah bte Rahim
Enrolment Approx. 1,100
Colour(s) Sky blue, maroon

Queenstown Secondary School (abbreviation: QTSS; Simplified Chinese: 女皇镇中学) is a government co-educational neighbourhood secondary school in Queenstown, Singapore.


Queenstown Secondary School began life in 1956 as Queenstown Secondary Technical School, for boys only. From temporary premises in Jalan Eunos School it moved in 1957 to Strathmore Avenue. Improvements to the building took place in 1963. A pre-university class was added in 1965, which existed until 1994. A new four-storey building was opened in April 1968.

The school became co-educational in 1971.

New facilities such as basketball courts have been added. In 1985 the school acquired a computer laboratory and language laboratory. Home Economics was also introduced as a subject in 1985

The school was renamed Queenstown Secondary School in January 1993. From December 1993 to June 1997 it occupied temporary premises while the buildings at Strathmore Avenue were renovated and upgraded.[1]

School crest[edit]

The School crest consists of a shield with the school colors, sky blue and maroon. The sky blue reflects the limitless opportunities to strive for and the maroon signifies the spirit of fraternity. The open book symbolizes learning and knowledge, and the wheel symbolizes the technical aspect of education offered in the school.

On the tower, which denotes strength, is the lion which signifies courage and from which Singapore derives its name. Below the shield is the school motto "Berani Berkhidmat", which means "Dare To Serve". Students Creed We Queenstownians Dare to serve, with self-respect, holding hand in hand together we build, honest in performance, taking pride in all task.

==School song==

In Queenstown Secondary our minds are trained
Our hands acquire the skill
Whatever the task we're here to serve
We have the heart, the will
Berani Berkhidmat, dare to serve
Dare to do to be!
We dare to serve - yes! with our hearts
To keep our country free
Queenstown Secondary the pioneer
The school that leads the way
In every field we do our best
To learn, to work, to play

Berani Berkhidmat, dare to serve
Dare to be!
We dare to be serve - yes! with our hearts
To keep our country free
Berani Berkhidmat, dare to serve
Dare to do to be!
We dare to serve - yes! with our hearts
To keep our country free

Ethos and discipline[edit]

Students stand up when spoken to and when asking or answering questions. Jewellery and ornaments are not allowed. Mobile phones (known locally as handphones or smartphones) may be brought to school, but will be confiscated if caught being used during lessons or activities.[3] Students must wear white socks and tuck in their shirts.[3] There are rules about hair length. Hair dyeing is strictly forbidden.[3] For serious offences such as fighting or bullying, male students can receive up to six strokes of the cane.

Notable alumni[edit]


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