Queensway station (OC Transpo)

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Ottawa Transitway station
Queensway Transitway Station looking south.jpg
Coordinates 45°21′33″N 75°46′19″W / 45.35917°N 75.77194°W / 45.35917; -75.77194Coordinates: 45°21′33″N 75°46′19″W / 45.35917°N 75.77194°W / 45.35917; -75.77194
Owned by OC Transpo
Other information
Station code 3015
Preceding station   OC Transpo   Following station
toward Stittsville
Route 61
toward St-Laurent
Route 62
toward Innovation
Route 63
toward Baseline
Route 91
toward Trim
toward Riverview
Route 94
toward Millennium
Route 95
toward Trim
New Rapid services
One-way operation
Route 61
Route 62
Route 63
toward Riverview
Route 74
toward Cambrian
Route 75

Queensway station is located around and under the Queensway along the Southwest Transitway in Ottawa, Canada. The upper platforms provide access to the crosstown route 101, and 103, while the lower platforms are for transitway routes such as routes 91, 94 and route 95 and eastbound trips of routes 61, 62, 63, 64

Despite its seemingly isolated location, the station serves nearby residential areas through the bikepath, which is to the west of the transit station. In the future, service from Kanata, Stittsville and Bayshore Station may not use this stop when the western O-Train Confederation Line is completed, but that is 2 - 6 years away.


The following routes currently serve Queensway Station:

Queensway Station Service
Rapid Routes 91 94 95
Local Routes 50 82 84 101 103 152 186
Shopper's Routes 305
Event Routes 402 406 454
Eastbound Only
Rapid Routes 61 62 63
Local Routes 64 66 164
Shopper's Routes 301 303


Built: 1983

2012 - 2013?: The upper level on both of Queensway Station's platforms had their external roofs (covering the bus sign) removed, not much is known as to why, but it's reasonable to assume it's due to the fact in 2012, OC Transpo purchased 75 new Alexander Dennis double decker buses which are slightly wider and significantly taller than the New Flyer 60ft articulated buses, hence the removal of the roofs to accommodate the larger/taller double decker would sound like a reasonable explanation. [1]


  • Connexion routes from Barrhaven, Bells Corners, Stittsville, and Kanata as well as Rapid route 63 and Local route 64 allow passengers to get off at this station in the morning upon request, but skip it altogether in the afternoon.
  • Route 63 and 64 only allow passengers off on the upper level of Queensway Station, however both offer full service to the lower eastbound platform of Queensway Station. [2]
  • OC Transpo secretly removed Connexion route 282 from the lower eastbound platform bus sign, suggesting that route 282 is now "off only" during the AM peak, although this yet to be confirmed.
Platform 4A, serving eastbound Queensway/417


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