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Municipality and town
Quela is located in Angola
Location in Angola
Coordinates: 9°23′S 17°3′E / 9.383°S 17.050°E / -9.383; 17.050Coordinates: 9°23′S 17°3′E / 9.383°S 17.050°E / -9.383; 17.050
Country Angola
ProvinceMalanje Province
 • Land5,830 km2 (2,250 sq mi)
 • Total80,000
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Quela is a town and municipality in Malanje Province in Angola.[1] The municipality has about 80,000 inhabitants. It is bounded to the north by the municipalities of Caombo and Kunda-dia-Base, to the east by the municipality of Xá-Muteba, to the south by the municipality of Cambundi-Catembo, and to the west by the municipalities of Mucari and Cuaba Nzogo. Most of the population are farmers. It comprises the four communes of Quela, Missão dos Bangalas, Xandele, and Moma. The commune of Quela has a population of about 32,000.[2]


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