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Peru - Lares Trek 051 - looking out from the 2nd pass (7586227950).jpg
Quellacocha as seen from the Willka Q'asa pass (looking to the west)
Cusco Region
Coordinates13°09′29″S 72°03′47″W / 13.15806°S 72.06306°W / -13.15806; -72.06306Coordinates: 13°09′29″S 72°03′47″W / 13.15806°S 72.06306°W / -13.15806; -72.06306
Surface elevation4,170 m (13,680 ft)

Quellacocha (possibly from Quechua killa moon, month, qucha lake, "moon lake") is a small lake in the Cusco Region in Peru. It is situated in the Urubamba mountain range at a height of about 4,170 metres (13,680 ft). Quellacocha lies south west of the village Lares[1] and north of the mountains Chicón and Sirihuani.


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