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For other uses, see Quentin (disambiguation).
Pronunciation /ˈkwɛntn/
French: [kɑ̃tɛ̃]
Gender Male
Language(s) French, English
Name day October 31
Language(s) Latin
Word/name Quintinus
Derivation quintus
Meaning "fifth"
Other names
Variant form(s) Quintin, Quinton
Short form(s) Q, Quent, Quin, Quinn, Quint
Related names see below

Quentin is a French male given name from the Latin first name Quintinus, diminutive form of Quintus, that means "the fifth".[1]

In other languages[edit]

Basque Kindin
Breton Kentin
Chinese 昆廷 (Kuntin)
Catalan Quintí
Corsican Quintinu
Dutch Quintijn, Quentijn, Quinten
Flemish Kwinten, Quinten
French Quentin
German Quintin
Greek Κοϊντίνος (Koïntínos)
Italian Quintino
Japanese クエンティン (Kuentin), カンタン (Kantan)
Korean 퀜틴 (Kwen-tin)
Latin Quintinus
Lithuanian Kventinas
Mandarin 昆廷 (Kūntíng), 康坦 (Kāngtǎn)
Picard Kintin, Quintin
Polish Kwintyn
Portuguese Quintino
Russian Квентин (Kventin)
Scottish Gaelic Caointean
Serbo-Croatian Kvintin
Slovak Quintin
Spanish Quintín
Swedish Qvintinus


Fictional characters[edit]


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