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Location of Quepos Canton in Puntarenas Province
Location of Quepos Canton in Puntarenas Province
CountryCosta Rica
Founded30 October 1948
 • Total543.77 km2 (209.95 sq mi)
 (June 2013)
 • Total29,569
 • Density54/km2 (140/sq mi)

Quepos is the sixth canton in the province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica. The cantón covers an area of 543.77 km²,[1] and has a population of 29,569.[2] Its capital city is Quepos, also known as Puerto Quepos.

It was named Aguirre until February 2015, when its name was changed following a vote in the Legislative Assembly. The name "Quepos" refers to the Quepoa people who inhabited this area in pre-Columbian and colonial times.


The county lies along the central Pacific coast between the mouths of the Río Damas and Río Barú. The northeastern border runs through high, remote coastal mountain ranges. The county is most famous for being the home of the Manuel Antonio National Park, the most visited national park in Costa Rica.

The cantón of Quepos is subdivided into 3 distritos (districts):

District Population
Quepos 21,938
Savegre 3,704
Naranjito 3,927


The "cantón" (county) was created by a decree of October 30, 1948.


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Coordinates: 9°25′19″N 84°09′36″W / 9.421968°N 84.16008°W / 9.421968; -84.16008