Quercus × alvordiana

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Quercus × alvordiana
Scientific classification
Q. × alvordiana
Binomial name
Quercus × alvordiana

Quercus dumosa var. alvordiana
Quercus turbinella var. californica

Quercus × alvordiana, the Alvord oak, is a hybrid oak in the genus Quercus. It has been reported to be a hybrid between Quercus douglasii and Quercus turbinella,[1] or between Q. douglasii and Quercus john-tuckeri,[2][3] which was formerly considered to be a variety of Q. turbinella.[4]


This is the most common hybrid of Q. douglasii[citation needed]. It is endemic to California, where it occurs in the Southern Inner California Coast Ranges and western Transverse Ranges.[5]


'Quercus × alvordiana is a shrub or tree under 3 metres (9.8 ft) tall which may be evergreen or deciduous.

The leaves are up to 5 centimeters long, a dull blue to gray-green on top and paler green on the undersides. The leaf blades have toothed edges and some have pointed tips.

The acorn is narrow in shape and up to 4 centimeters long, with a cup up to 1.6 centimeters wide.[3]


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