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Privately Held
Industry Health, Life, Chemical, and Biomedical Science Search Engine
Founded Colorado, United States (2008)
Headquarters Henderson, Nevada, US
Area served
Key people
Jeffrey D. Saffer
(President and CEO)
Vicki L. Burnett
(Executive VP and COO)
Website www.quertle.com

Quertle is a biomedical and life science big data analytics company specializing in knowledge discovery and literature searching.

Company technology[edit]

Quertle has developed a suite of analytic technologies to support knowledge discovery in text information. The company has combined artificial intelligence, quantum logic, computational linguistics, and statistics into a what they have trademarked as Quantum Logic Linguistics. This combined approach includes a set of methods for identifying and understanding specific terms.[1] The method enables case-sensitive searching and word sense disambiguation of polysemic terms.

The company is also using artificial intelligence for automated identification of concepts within documents that are specifically related to why the documents match selection criteria.

Company products[edit]

Quertle’s flagship product is its biomedical and life science search and discovery engine, Quetzal,[2] which applies the Quantum Logic Linguistics approach in combination a knowledge extraction-specific ontology (as compared to typical classification ontologies). Quetzal is an outgrowth of the company’s prior Quertle.info web site,[3] which served as a development test site.

Quertle also partners with other companies to embed its technologies in other web sites and products.


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