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Queso frito (English: fried cheese) is a fried cheese dish. It consists of a white, salty cheese with a high melting point called "Queso de freir" (Spanish for frying cheese) or "Queso blanco" (Spanish for white cheese).

Colombia & Dominican Republic[edit]

In the Dominican Republic and Colombia it is often served for breakfast. [1] The cheese is cut into thin slices and pan fried. It can be prepared with either a very light coating, such as with a dusting of flour or cornstarch, or no coating at all.


In Nicaragua it is often served for breakfast or with fried sweet plantains and cream. The cheese is cut into cubes and coated with egg wash and then dipped in breadcrumb. The cheese is then pan fried until golden brown.

Puerto Rico[edit]

In Puerto Rico the cheese is cut in cubes and coated with eggs wash, flour, cayenne pepper, and soda crackers. The soda crackers are finely crushed or tossed into a blender making it similar to breadcrumb.They are then deep-fried and usually served with a sweet sauce.or if not it is simply cut into cubes and fried then eaten on top of tostones,platano maduro or by itself as an appetizer and queso frito is a very popular breakfast food.

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