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Quest Learning and Assessment is a web-based tool for instructors and students of mathematics and science created at the University of Texas at Austin College of Natural Sciences and has been adopted at over 1,000 U.S. institutions. Instructors can create homework, quizzes and exams from a large pool (60,000)[1] of Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Physical Sciences and Computer Science questions,[2] and assign to their students. Most questions have built-in variations, so Quest can create custom assignments for each student. Students get immediate feedback when answering questions and can view step-by-step solutions after the assignment due date has passed.

Grading system[edit]

Questions are graded using a "guessing neutral" system similar to the SAT grading scheme. If a student gets an answer correct they are awarded points, however points are subtracted for incorrect answers to discourage guessing.

Integration of in-class assessments[edit]

In Fall 2008, the Quest system added a utility to enable student submission of answers in class using the iClicker audience response system and have the results uploaded into the Quest system at the end of the session. This instructional tool is independent of the manufacturer's iClicker software used to poll the class. The Quest utility also allows test answer submission via the iClickers instead of scan sheets.[3]


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