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Quest Visual

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Quest Visual, Inc.
Company typePrivate
IndustryTranslation software
Founded2009 (2009)[1]
FounderOtavio Good[1]
Number of locations
1 office
Area served
Key people
Otavio Good
(Programmer and CEO)
John DeWeese
Eric Park
Bryan Lin

Maia Good
(Software engineers)
ProductsWord Lens
Number of employees
4 (2014)

Quest Visual, Inc. was an American private company that developed Word Lens, an augmented reality translation application.[1] In May 2014, the company was acquired by Google, Inc.[2][3][4]


Quest Visual was founded by a former video game developer Otavio Good[5][6][7] in 2009.[1] At the time of acquisition, the company had 4 full-time employees (Good, John DeWeese, Bryan Lin, and Eric Park,) and a contractor, Maia Good.[7] The details of the acquisition have not been released.[2][3][4][8]


Quest Visual's first product, Word Lens 1.0, was released on December 16, 2010,[5] and was available in 2015 as Word Lens 2.2.3 for Apple's iPhone, iPod, and iPad through iTunes,[9] as well as for a selection of Android smartphones through Google Play.[10] It was unavailable as of 2021.[9] At Google's unveiling of its Glass Development Kit in November 2013, the translation capabilities of Word Lens were also demonstrated on Google Glass.[11][12][13][14] According to a January 2014 New York Times article, Word Lens is currently free for Google Glass.[15] Google also made all Word Lens language packs freely available for a "limited time".[3][4][8][16][17] Word Lens capabilities were incorporated into the Google Translate app and released on January 14, 2015.[18][19][20][21] The company did not have any other products by the time of acquisition.[22]

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