Quest for the Mighty Sword

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Ator 4: Quest for the Mighty Sword
Ator 4 poster.jpg
UK poster
Directed by Joe D'Amato
Produced by Carlo Maria Cordio
Written by Joe D'Amato
Starring Eric Allan Kramer
Margaret Lenzey
Donald O'Brien
Music by Carlo Maria Cordio
Edited by Kathleen Stratton
Release date
  • 1990 (1990)
Running time
94 mins.
Country Italy
Language English

Quest for the Mighty Sword (also known as Ator 4 or Troll 3) is the fourth and final film in the Ator film series, although it is regarded as the third film by the series' creator, Joe D'Amato, who disowned the previous entry, Ator 3: Iron Warrior because Alfonso Brescia directed that movie.

Joe D'Amato was reportedly displeased with Brescia's approach to his character, and so re-took control of the franchise in 1988. In 1990, D'Amato released the final Ator film, Quest for the Mighty Sword, which featured the adventures of the Son of Ator. It was released in Europe and the United States under a variety of titles including: Ator III: The Hobgoblin (indicating D'Amato's personal disregard for the previous film), Ator 4: Quest for the Mighty Sword, and Hobgoblin. Here, Eric Allan Kramer plays the son of Ator (who has been killed at the start of this film) and must go on a quest for his father's sword. This is the only film in the series not to feature Miles O'Keeffe in the role.

Fans of D'Amato often note that the "hobgoblin" from this film is a reused goblin suit from Troll 2, (which may be why this film is sometimes referred to as Troll 3).


Once upon a time, a god gave a mighty sword to the king of Aquiles to bring justice to his people. Now he wants it back - but the king gives his life rather than give up the sword. Goddess Dehamira, who spoke for him, is stripped of all her privileges and held in a circle of fire until a human arrives who's strong enough to free her. When prince Ator becomes 18, he gets the sword from the mean sorcerer gnome Grindl to free Dehamira and his people. On his journey, he has to fight against dragons and other fantastic figures.



The film was rated PG-13 in the US.

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