Quest for the Rings

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Quest for the Rings
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Genre(s)Cooperative, Board game, RPG

Quest for the Rings is a board game/video game hybrid for the Magnavox Odyssey². It is the first game in the Odyssey² "Master Strategy Series",[1]:53 and it was considered[by whom?] particularly innovative at the time of its release.


In Quest for the Rings, heroes participate in the struggle to find 10 magical keys which the Ringmaster (a role played by a human player) has hidden beneath the castles.[2]

Publication history[edit]

Quest for the Rings was from Odyssey for the Odyssey² and .[2]


Quest for the Rings was favorably reviewed by Video magazine in its "Arcade Alley" column where it was described as "an instant classic" with "'super hit' stamped all over it in gold letters". The combination of video game and board game elements was considered to be particularly well conceived, producing what the reviewers called "a vigorous new hybrid unlike anything ever seen in home arcading."[3]:28, 116 It would go on to be awarded "Most Innovative Game" at the 3rd annual Arkie Awards where it was described as "stand[ing] out like Charlene Tilton at a spinster's convention". Arkie Award judges commented that "every element of Quest is absolutely first-rate from the animation of the various creatures to the clean rules", and the game was additionally awarded an Honorable Mention in the category of "Best Audio-Visual Effects".[4]:28, 76 Electronic Games reviewed Quest for the Rings as part of its 1983 Players Guide to Fantasy Games.[2]


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